16th Special Purpose Brigade

16th Special Purpose Brigade, Russian army, city of Tambov and Abhazia, 2006-2009.
  1. Gali district, couple kms to a border
  2. Riding on a BTR in Gali district
  3. A landscape in Codori rift
  4. Mi-8 in Codori, winter
  5. AS Val with a night scope
  6. Just having fun on a rooftop of an outpost near the border in Gali
  7. Part of my group
  8. Some patriotic stuff:)
  9. A position at the outpost
  10. Hind flying by
  11. Houses in Gali district, winter
  12. Pecheneg MG mounted in a helicopter door
  13. Mi-8
  14. Another one
  15. UN truck - those are roaming border roads all the time
  16. During house searching in Codori
  17. Another Codori landscape pic
  18. A mountain
  19. Me at an outpost in Codori
  20. Airfield
  21. Mi-8 landing in Codori rift
  22. Mi-24
  23. An-12
  24. Jumping from an An-12
  25. Parachute jumps near Tambov, Russia
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