Iraq 2008

  1. Shooting an AK at PB Love
  2. The Blue ****s
  3. The graveyard on Tampa coming back from Speicher
  4. Company sign in our motorpool
  5. Getting ready to bed down in a reefer truck at Gabe
  6. Old Iraqi tanks at Taji
  7. Lt Stewart looking around for a place to fly our Raven
  8. Arnold and I relaxing at PB Love
  9. Doing a little shooting at the range at PB Love
  10. Having a very nice cherry slushie at Scania before pushing on to Talil
  11. Sgt Parr trying to stay cool
  12. Boon after getting his CIB pinned
  13. VBIED hole in the Taji Bridge
  14. My old ass 1114
  15. Sgt Wooten digging for gold
  16. My TC and squad leader SSG Wooten
  17. Showing some support for a local radio station back home 98.9 The Bear
  18. Showing my BLS colors on my gunners shield
  19. Destroyed overpass just outside Balad market
  20. International armored semi used by KBR
  21. The Stairway to Heaven
  22. Playing Texas Hold Em at Normandy
  23. Baghdad seen from an overpass on Vernon
  24. Mig-29 painting at Speicher
  25. T-Wall painting outside Battalion HQ
  26. IA's checking some trash on Tampa
  27. Leaving north gate at Balad for Warhorse
  28. On Saddams throne at Al Faw Palace
  29. Sunset from a Maxxpro turret on the Samarra bypass
  30. 1st Platoon at Udari Range before going north.
  31. Outside Al Faw Palace at BIAP
  32. Waiting for my TC at the BIAP MCT shack
  33. Our maintenance clamshell at Balad
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