All sorts of ****

I dunno
  1. When I first got my new clean gear.  Now it looks like ass.
  2. Taking it seriously.  Seriously.
  3. Picture that was in the newspaper after my crew rescued little Damien from the fire.
  4. The infamous Dress Blues picture.
  5. Pulling line out of a house.
  6. After putting out a house fire.  Temperature was around 12-15 degrees.
  7. Live burn training at Loudoun County, VA.
  8. Picture of the crew that saved little Damien at an early morning fire.
  9. Cold.  As.  Balls.
  10. Hanging out at a fire.
  11. For you Slouch.
  12. Badass gear cover art.
  13. Panchito.
  14. Spoilerless win.
  15. The '99 Cobra.
  16. Soon to be pimping highschool girls near you.
  17. A gorgeous Eleanor Mustang with a Modular 4.6 in it.
  18. Doing dirty to a CH-46 Engine.
  19. At work, the irony of it all
  20. ****ters.  Everywhere.
  21. Parted CH-46 at the end of the flightline.
  22. Big waste of money wasting lots of money in the air.
  23. BAMF's
  24. Ass end of a T64-GE-416A
  25. Fo sho again.
  26. Fo sho.
  27. My Cobra (Left) beside a buddie's supercharged Cobra.
  28. Old School's
  29. Big waste of money
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