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  1. Connaught Ranger
    Helmet on the left for the State of Würrtemburg, I believe.

    Medal with yellow ribbon is the commemoration for Kaiser Wilhelm I 100th Birthday, his son was Kaiser in WW1. Awarded to all Prussian military and civil service on duty that day.

    Theoretically, the Hindenburg Cross for Non Combatant falls outside Imperial, being one of the first medals issued under the new III Reich upon application, with appropriate paperwork, from 1934 onwards till 1945.

    Three versions, Combatant with swords, Non-Combatant with no swords and all laurel leaves on wreath, and the black painted version of the non-combatant for those left behind (Widows & Parents) Interestingly the Combatant and Non-Combatant utilized the same ribbon as the old Prussian 1870/1871 Franco-Prussian War Combatant Medal, while the widows version of the Hindenburg series utilized the ribbon of the 1870/1871 Non-combatants medal.

    Any markings on the EK I and EK II Class ?.

    Connaught Ranger.
  2. gaijinsamurai
    You are correct, CR! No, I don't believe there are any markings on the EKs, if by markings, you mean info regarding the men to whom they were awarded.
  3. Connaught Ranger
    No, on the WW1 E.K. I Class can be found a stamp on the pin, to id the maker.

    On the WW1 E.K. II Class a stamp on the ribbon ring or sometimes on the small ring that holds the Öse (Ribbon Ring) to the cross.

    I always consider engraved pieces to be suspect (more so with iii reich pieces) unless there is some type of award paperwork to match up to the recipients name.
  4. gaijinsamurai
    I'll check those out tonight, CR. Thanks for the info!
    If I remember correctly, I bought both crosses from dealers.
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