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  1. Russia's Constitutional Court prolongs moratorium on death sentences
  2. EU presidential candidate: Herman Van Rompuy opposes Turkey joining
  3. Mideast Peace Talks Hang in Balance Over Abbas
  4. Turkish policy shift claims ‘nonsense,’ says US expert
  5. Herman van Rompuy becomes first EU President
  6. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”
  7. Harriet Harman to be prosecuted
  8. Continental, American expand peak-day surchgarges
  9. Army to bar media from Palin event at Bragg
  10. Kosovo Government Coalition Collapses
  11. Hacked (leaked?) emails suggest global warming shenanigans
  12. Western Men Are Doomed
  13. Bulgaria Prosecutor Presses Charges against Ex-Defense Minister
  14. Emergency docs on excited delirium: "Yes, it's for real!"
  15. More Xenophobia in SA
  16. Call for stricter checks on Americans
  17. Arrested for not paying tip
  18. China Helps the Powerful in Namibia
  19. Bodies of gunmen in Mumbai attacks remain unburied
  20. Harvard Dean Jeffery Flier: Health 'Reform' Gets Failing Grade
  21. Potential Global Collapse
  22. Bay Area not maverick enough to read Palin book
  23. Palinophobia sweeping land
  24. Now: Barbie the doll in Burka !
  25. Diplomat: Iran needs uranium for hospitals
  26. Row over jehad: Jethmalani questions God's credentials
  27. Tories may pull out British troops from Germany
  28. Global warming to have heavy impact on Arab states
  29. Global Piracy, A Private Military Solution?
  30. Facebook smile costs woman her benefits
  31. Mirwaiz gets an invite, says will go to China
  32. Muslims burn Christian shops in Egypt's south
  33. Lieberman: After all the insults, Turkey can't mediate Syria talks
  34. Parents Blamed for Mexico Leading the World in Child Obesity
  35. 28 arrests at Spanish event attended by BNP's Griffin
  36. Why Pakistan Won't Fight the Afghan Taliban
  37. COP15 militants on warpath
  38. The iraq war inquiry is leaking like a sieve
  39. India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh begins US visit
  40. Obama's Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere on the World Stage
  41. Obama's Afghanistan problem
  42. The 'Real' Jobless Rate: 17.5% Of Workers Are Unemployed
  43. Saakashvili inaugurates 'road to Abkhazia'
  44. Gwynne Dyer: Forget about the reunification of Cyprus
  45. damn the post-modernists
  46. Payback Time: Wave of Debt Payments Facing U.S. Government
  47. BBC Article: Games permit virtual war crimes
  48. Free speech: It's the ACLU's deal
  49. Latin America sends few students to U.S.
  50. New corruption ranking says a lot
  51. German police raids homes of Chinese spies
  52. SPIN METER: Legislation inflation grips GOP
  53. Obama to announce Afghanistan decision within days
  54. Russian officials beheaded in N. Caucasus-Ifax
  55. China executes two for tainted milk scandal
  56. Eight charged in U.S. for Somali war recruiting
  57. Palestinian president sees no new intifada
  58. Foreigners in the country that is born
  59. The Limits to Outsourcing Security
  60. How to Say Thanksgiving in Mandarin
  61. British police arrest people ‘just for the DNA’
  62. Palestinian looking to be next governor of Texas
  63. The West has gotten it wrong on China for decades
  64. Philippines declares emergency as massacre toll hits 52
  65. More brides demand toilets before marriage
  66. Baby Moshe turns 3
  67. Polanski gets Bail, how long till he runs?
  68. Who's watching Glenn Beck?
  69. Israel Cabinet approves 10-month West Bank settlement freeze
  70. IDP from Georgia Murdered By Moscow Militia
  71. Greece & Cyprus reject Turkey’s call for five-party summit on Cyprus
  72. National Health Care...a different approach
  73. The Economy without mercy will take out Chavez
  74. South African mines to be nationalised?
  75. Couple Crashes White House State Dinner, Investigation Launched
  76. Obama Shatters Spending Record for First-Year Presidents
  77. Palin: Canada should 'dismantle' public health care
  78. Irish church obsessively hid child abuse - report.
  79. Man dies in shooting at Hungary's Pecs university
  80. Dubai debt fears rattle global markets
  81. Ex german secretary of defense under heavy critics
  82. Thoughts on Cap and Trade
  83. Navarrette: Life's tough, UC Students
  84. Univ of Minnesota "America an oppressive hellhole"
  85. India says troubled by China-Pakistan military ties
  86. China says no emissions checks without foreign funds
  87. Eid mubarak
  88. Kim Jong il's imagination of 2012
  89. Canadian jailed for Black Friday hoax
  90. UK's Brown backs $10 billion climate change fund
  91. Brief analysis: Russia's new "Law on Defence"
  92. GWB of 2000
  93. Pakistan faces new political turmoil
  94. Iran told by UN to stop nukes
  95. Obama's Brilliant First Year
  96. Justice Department Says Acorn Can Be Paid for Pre-Ban Contracts
  97. The Islamic Republic of Chechnya??
  98. Are the Australian Liberals stuffed?
  99. Pak Sikh thrashed for not converting
  100. Immient deal to release Gilad Shalit, 980 jailed terrorists to be released
  101. The Swiss vote is in. No to Minarets.
  102. (UK) Want to home school your own children? Only if your vetted!
  103. Mysterious 'Saddam Channel' hits Iraq TV
  104. Cops told: Don’t say Evenin’ all
  105. EU-China Summit to focus on efforts in striving for ambitious deal on climate in Cope
  106. US Food Stamp Usage Across the Country
  107. Israel's enemy within: Rising Settlers Militants
  108. EU lifts visa restrictions for Serbia
  109. EU's quiet diplomat steps aside after 10 years
  110. China city government opens gay bar to fight AIDS
  111. 7 stories Obama doesn't want told
  112. German city on lock-down during massive manhunt.
  113. Health bills fail to block illegals from coverage
  114. After riots, France fails to improve poor suburbs
  115. President Of Europe ... Waste of space and Money
  116. The story of Hezbollah's halal hookups
  117. UN court hears Serb challenge to Kosovo independence
  118. Nasrallah: Abolishing Political Sectarianism
  119. Afhanistan a war of choice?
  120. The day Beijing blinked
  121. India not sincere about talks, says Gilani
  122. Ten Commandments or Bill of Rights
  123. Evidence of life on Mars lurks beneath surface of meteorite, Nasa experts claim
  124. The real reason why Fort Hood happend/Never happend
  125. Pakistan"Give us uav tech to fight taliban"
  126. Russia says will join any sanctions consensus vs Iran
  127. Russia warns NATO over Afghan cooperation
  128. China launches ad campaign to salvage global image
  129. The Crash Course by Chris Martenson
  130. Shhh…Congress Is Raising the Debt Limit
  131. President Obama Addresses the Nation December 1, 2009 thread
  132. Investors call for tough EU-Russia energy treaty
  133. Top Russian Judges Quit Posts After Critical Comments
  134. Nigel Farage reprimanded for criticising new EU foreign minister
  135. GWYNNE DYER:The power of provocation is on show in Switzerland and Iran
  136. Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public: Alice Schroeder
  137. the United Kingdom ceased to be a sovereign state
  138. The White House really do hate the F-22!
  139. George Soros launches a $50 million effort to purge economics of its free-market zeal
  140. Tattoo keeps man out of U.S. Air Force
  141. Henrico Medal of Honor winner, 90, ordered to remove flagpole
  142. Russia will help U.S. reach Afghan peace-Medvedev
  143. China announces more death sentences for Xinjiang riot
  144. U.S. court jails Mexico drug kingpin for 27 years
  145. Private jet to Copenhagen
  146. Former vs Present VP
  147. Germany is still paying for the Treaty of Versailles
  148. Putin may run in 2012.
  149. 12 arrested for underground tunnel w/elevator into the U.S.
  150. Catherine Ashton: "I know nothing"
  151. Canadian 'spy coins' spooked U.S.
  152. Somali Sea Gangs Lure Investors
  153. Jesse Venture Interview about A-stan
  154. China's greatest security threat: next 10 yrs
  155. Obama’s Exit Strategy
  156. UK Car Sales Up By 57% in November
  157. Rabbis fear right-wing after minaret ban
  158. North Koreans in misery as cash is culled (source: The Times)
  159. Ireland on verge of legalising civil unions
  160. SunRail vexes foes of federal stimulus
  161. Hello Social Engineering
  162. Frustrated With West, Turks Revel in Empire Lost
  163. Bulgaria Nationalists VMRO Claim Territories Lost to Serbia in 1919
  164. How Obama Came to Plan for ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan
  165. DEM CHAIRMAN MAX BAUCUS nominated girlfriend for us attorney post
  166. Take back Al Gore's Oscar
  167. Swiss calls on ban on Jewish Graves Apologises
  168. Gordon Brown snubbed by soldiers' 'curtain' protest
  169. Jewish support for Israeli Arabs
  170. If a war's worth fighting, isn't it worth paying for?
  171. Cuba, Venezuela and Malaysia voting against condemning Iran's nuclear capabality!
  172. Dear President Obama.....
  173. If I Were President Barack Obama, I Would Wish to Put the Darwinists in Jail Forever
  174. 1971> The War of Nerves in Bengal Bay
  175. Japan industry unites against carbon tax
  176. Future: Vegetarian or artificial meat?
  177. Venezuela minister resigns over bank scandal
  178. American Charged in Mumbai Terror Attacks
  179. India: The end of the BJP?
  180. ACORN prober finds no illegal pattern on videos
  181. Russia Quietly Creates Leaner and More Modern Military
  182. EDP says CO2 is bad
  183. Reid compares health care delay to slavery, suffrage
  184. Europe’s Minaret Moment
  185. Gang-raped girl gets R5
  186. A New Castle for Chess King NY TIMES
  187. Danish link to Somali suicide bomber
  188. Tensions high as Turkish court considers Kurd party ban
  189. Court orders journalist, TV show to pay NIS 300K in damages to IDF officer
  190. Israel's parliament approves controversial Biometric Database Law
  191. EU foreign ministers: Jerusalem must be joint capital of Israel, Palestinian state
  192. W.H mocks Gallup - Gibbs: Poll like a 6-year-old
  193. ClimateGate "Scientist" calls critic A**hole on Brit TV
  194. Obamacare written in Prison by Convicted Felon
  195. Mousavi vs. Basij: The First Confrontation
  196. Foreigners In UK Reach 6.7 Million
  197. Airbus' California presence grows as Boeing's shrinks
  198. Target workers quit after questions about immigration status
  199. Boxer: Denying women abortion coverage is like denying men Viagra
  200. UK pre budget report
  201. Golda Meir proposed halting aliyah of disabled Polish Jews
  202. More climategate leaks, Copenhagen is disarray
  203. Aid groups request $664M for Palestinians
  204. Tom Friedman: Why USA Still Matters
  205. Uganda to discuss death penalty for gays
  206. Obama's Nobel Speach
  207. Turkey’s ambassador to U.S. resigns after Obama Erdogan meeting
  208. U.S. says civilian rule not threatened in Pakistan
  209. U.S. sends Kuwaiti detainee home from Guantanamo
  210. The Iranian Scientist .. that dissappeared
  211. Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, fear 2010 backlash
  212. Apparently Putin doesn't like to be surprised by any question.
  213. Eco Hypocrites Fly in Jets Across Atlantic to Attack AFP in Copenhagen
  214. Do Americans Want To Eat The Rich
  215. Berkeley mails Coat Hangers to Congress over Anti-Abortion
  216. Why Did They Close WaMu? (Washington Mutual)
  217. What are you guys willing to sacrifice for Climate change?
  218. Maryland: Millionaires go Missing.....
  219. Civil war feared in Guinea as militia grows
  220. Indonesian's Raise Statue to Obama the Boy
  221. 44% want Bush over Obama
  222. Pakistanis most likely to be turned down for UK visas
  223. Body of Tassos Papadopoulos, former Cypriot President, stolen
  224. MI6 head: Russia was an obstacle to reach a solution in Iraq
  225. Jewish settlers 'to increase by 10,000 within year'
  226. Turkish Top Court bans Pro Kurdish Party
  227. Order given to move Gitmo to Illinois Thomas Correction Center
  228. O'Reilly slams 'Law & Order,' calls Wolf 'despicable'
  229. China growth 'biggest news story of the decade'
  230. Should Gitmo prisoners be tried in NYC
  231. Do rich nations owe poor ones a climate debt?
  232. Israeli Settlers Attack West Bank Mosque and burn Qurans
  233. Russia's Lukoil wins big in Iraq oil auction.
  234. Pakistani forces discover "heaven" in South Waziristan
  235. The nightmare that comes true
  236. Sharia Law Tribunal Proposed in Wales
  237. A Charming Green Party member in the irish Parliment
  238. Muslims will punish Swiss by emptying bank accounts: Turkish minister
  239. Houston elects first openly gay mayor
  240. Blair pre-empts Chilcot.
  241. Arrests in the Geeta Aulakh case
  242. The Invention of the Jewish People
  243. Mengele removed my kidney without anesthetic
  244. Burned photos ignite Iranian student outrage
  245. 3 Detained U.S. Hikers to Face Iran Trial
  246. "Serbians should decide on joining NATO"
  247. Are Americans a Broken People?
  248. Cleaners 'beat bankers in worth'
  249. GLENN BECK propagandist at work
  250. Armed Response to 'Climategate' question