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10-17-2013, 04:08 PM
I start a new thread as the other one apparently its only pic related.

First ill introduce myself, i'm Tomas from Argentina, i'm 25 and new to all this airsoft and reenactment world, been in many forums, but this seems to be the only one where people actually speak from experience.

I went through al the "pics of your german kit thread" and im really confused about what gear is worth buying.

As for Flecktarn clothing, i've seen many recommending LK stuff, which seems to be very accurate, other people recommend tacgear, other Sabre, but on the other hand there are several who state Sabre is overpriced so not sure if it is actually as good as it seems. Every now and then i also see a post saying ditch everything and buy Crye Flecktarn, but when i go to Crye website, i dont see any Flecktarn gear.

Then with load carrying gear i have the same problem. I know IDZ -> Multidesign, but molle gear is another story. The names that usually come up are LHT, but again i see many recommendations for TT, Eagle, Seul, BHI, LBT, and i am unable to find Flecktarn gear on those catalogs.

So what im trying to ask, is which are the brands which sell top quality Flecktarn gear, brand new, today?

Bonus question: How wide is Multicam adopted by Bundeswehr/KSK?

Thanks everyone

10-18-2013, 07:26 PM
to be honest mate... surplus issue gear is always going to be the most long lasting and heard wearing, though perhaps not as light and flashy as some of these supposed mil-spec brands.

also some of these companies can be a bit hit and miss, in terms of quality so beware.

however, if you dont go down the surplus route then try someone like helikon-tex, as they put flektarn onto polish issue gear and also ECWCS type gear.. some of which i have used in neutral colours and have been good

10-22-2013, 08:41 AM
With Leo Kohler you can't be wrong,he is official supplier of the Bundeswehr.
His pants ,shirt's and smocks are made with input of the KSK.

LK has also Crye Multicam fabric.(Don't know how wide it is used by KSK)

Good information forum: http://www.military-medic-outdoor.de/community/

10-29-2013, 10:13 AM
Hey guys, thanks for your input, i was on holidays, never saw this. Its really hard to find surplus (scharrer, wahler, crye) and even harder to get it shipped to Argentina, but i can get stuff shipped from asmc.de, sabre, i think hqg aswell, and if im lucky i may get Vaude GFl from bestprotection, so in the absense of surplus, im not sure what to get.
I find LK to be the most faithful to those surplus brands, but i like some stuff sabre makes, like the sniper pants with the pockets in the back, which are accessible while pro-ne.

Lets say i can get a scharrer set (jacke, hose, smock) would that be all the clothing i need to reenact either KSK, Fernspahler, Fallshirmjager or kampfschwimmer? or they each use different?

03-09-2014, 12:10 PM
Vaben, check out hessenantique.com. I also use Flecktarn for airsoft, the squad im trying out for has it as their standard uniform.