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01-27-2006, 09:12 AM
Machinegun-Artillery Divisions

In accordance with the need to defend extended sectors with fewer troops and at lower cost, the Basic Forces now also field some machine gun-artillery divisions. These are linear descendants of the World War II fortified regions.

They are strong in machineguns, mortars, artillery, antitank guided missiles, and dug-in tanks, but weak in bayonet and modern tank strength. There is no standard organization for these divisions as they are tailored specifically to the terrain they are to defend.

The role of these semi-static, economy of force formations (and of separate machinegun-artillery regiments) is to hold long secondary sectors or areas where the terrain is especially suited to positional defence. Their tactical areas of responsibility are fortified in peacetime with well prepared and camouflaged primary and alternate positions and plentiful dummy/reserve ones. They form a series of independent strongpoints, often echeloned in considerable depth, with limited counter-penetration and counterattack reserves to plug gaps and support the defense. Figure 1-4 illustrates one of a number of possible variations of organization.