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  1. Did you know that only a Louisiana Pimp carries a Pearl-handled sidearm?
  2. Yeah he left after his rat year and enlisted in the Marine Corps...seems he turned out fine, although with both of them I think VMI left their marks otherwise we wouldn't have one of Patton's pistols and a Portrait of Puller somehwere I forget.
  3. I was talking about Patton, though I never knew that Chesty went to VMI as well, but I did know that they were somewhat related.
  4. would that be Chesty or George, West Point and Norwich send people in the fall however I am the only one in the Spring which is awesome because all the training schools they go to are in the spring semester.
  5. That sounds pretty cool, I wonder if any of the [main] service academies do that sort of stuff, either way, VMI sounds cool. Plus, one of my favorite general's went there....well, at least for a year XD.
  6. spot on about the Academies thing, I go to VMI, got a lot of Jarheads there too, here for seven months and then I bug out. In two weeks we rotate to Guyana for Jungle Warfare.
  7. So, you're "stationed" in France, what sort of program allows that. I kinda only figured that Service Branch/Military Academies only offer the main class here in the states.
  8. good then I'll have something good to watch when I get back stateside next fall.
  9. Around ten left, though due to reviews, I wouldn't be surprised if this show sticks around.
  10. didn't know many episodes are left?
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