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  1. Ah ZDaemon is more or less the same thing

    And I know that feeling! lol...****s still amazing. Though personally I like the level design of Doom I's episodes much better...clearer design, matches the story, etc. Doom II's Hell levels (M28 The Spirit World and M29 The Living End) are cool tho.

    And yeah some of the mods are pretty of them I forgot the name too, but its always a good one, and some are just damned creative or funny

    I have yet to play The Sky May Be though
  2. Basically I discovered it a couple weeks back and am hitting it hardcore at the moment. Never thought I would be here in 2012 still playing Doom 2
  3. Haven't tried ZDaemon but Skulltag has the most multiplayer servers, with a good browser all the mods and wads are auto-downloaded when u join a game. Pretty awesome.
  4. Nope, though I do hop on ZDaemon sometimes.

    I dunno what the difference is really
  5. Do u play Skulltag by any chance? oO
  6. Welcome back from the vacation, but you missed the point of that post in the Syria thread from quite a while ago :D
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