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  1. bet u get the peepee
  2. PEE PEE VaG1NA!
  3. Its warm. fo sho.

    Expensive? Yes, very. chicks? Yes, thank god. actually outnumber man. which is a good thing
  4. how is it living there? expensive? los of chicks?
  5. well yeah. been stuck here the past 3 years already. only left the state once so far
  6. i see, that suck far do you live from canada? are you actually in HAHwhy?
  7. congrats. i still have another 2 years
  8. oh yeah, i brought my first beer like a boss
  9. well once its legal it's not illegal anymore. Nahmean
  10. lol it matters hahaha. you can get away with lots of things here ;)
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