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  1. If I only had the monies.....hahahahahahaha
  2. I noticed that their gear looked brand-spanking-new as it came straight out of the store. Some posers gotta get a life.
  3. Swedens finest! Airsofters....if you read the kit list they have a lot of real stuff. Like USMC FROG uniforms ( I had to look up on what FROG stood for) and ACOG sights. Some people have too much money
  4. Joo... Joo.

    WTF!? Who the hell were those retards!!??
  5. As always, I have something funny and entertaining to show you!
    It's the Swedish retard foundation Team USA!
  6. Yea that's what all the Internet ctackheads say.
    Get off the drugs or I'll **** up all your ****
  7. Blame Google! ;-D
  8. My nipple Scent? You on crack again?
  9. Din bröstvårtor doft.
  10. Oh, you mean on my brothers FB?
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