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  1. how's money coming?
  2. yea, ill do the same color scheme as the beast.....ooops i cant say that anymore. Some other maker has a knife that looks a bit like ours, just came out, called the beast and its copywritten....d'oh.
  3. both tan coo?
  4. cool. what color u wan tha blade to be?
  5. name is Mitch
  6. yeah, thers plenty o room on the back for a name stencil.
  7. finger kiri's, the name would be someone else's.
  8. u talkin bout the little finger kiris or a scaled down version of "the" AVD?
  9. Any shot I can get two mini AVDs and one with a name on it?
  10. Now that sounds like a fun ass school. Stay safe and make us losers proud!
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