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  1. welcome back bud!
  2. yeah that nutjob was already in therapy or some ****, they certainly dropped the ball letting him wander around.
    It's weird seeing this kind of thing happening where you frequent and feel safe. Same gig for me in Argana cafe in Marrakech. I can see where the steel girder would have landed in my lap had I been there in same spot as before.
  3. I try my best to make sense!
    yeah, I love nature and birds n **** ;-) I grew in the country, worked a farm and I suppose got to appreciate nature without the navel gaving.
    Interesting you have origins in Offally, not far from me - I'm a Westmeath originally.

    Keep the party going Super Bootie!
  4. Well done for the bird rescue...and you do actually make sense on here...which seems an odd thing LOL
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