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  1. Haha yes. You cannot have enough jam. Because they won't stop making it!
  2. Hi, how you keeping? we are all fine, the summer is hotting up 26+ inter spaced with heavy rain storms, some flooding damage in some areas, lots of fruit lost due to rain storms (the wife still manages to find enough to make jam.) Apart from that all is normal.
  3. Long time no speak my friend. Hows things over there?
  4. Merry Christmas man. I hear its snowing there!
  5. Merry Christmas from Transylvania!!!
  6. Nice medal collection. I was given three of my late grandfather's before I left Romania recently. All are commemorative. I got a '25 years from the proclamation of the republic,' 'liberation from the oppression of the fascists' and a world war II commemorative cross. Take it easy.
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