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  1. **** those Eurowussies! LOL!
  2. Awesome! glad I could contribute. I swear some of these guys... "Well I'm from Europe and..." Hey dip*****, the incident happened in the U.S. and we don't give a F**K about how you do things in Calamaristan.
  3. A small deformed puppy who's ***** hurts! LOL!
    I laughed aloud at work thanks to you. I looked like an idiot.
  4. LOL! Funny!!!
  5. Oh God. My fingers were hovering over the close. LOL!
  6. God bless you trigger! Sloppy seconds! I am still laughing!
  7. I too just sucked in. Must be the alpha male in me.
  8. Yeah I agree. I try to stay out of the political/religious threads. They're never pretty. Sometimes I can't resist. :-)
  9. Glad to see your posts and we seem like minded.
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