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  1. Dude...where you been? FFL time!!!
  2. Most Definitely
  3. Ah yes, you are of course referring to the great Sir Neapolitan Bananaparts.
  4. Obviously reality mattered when the great monkey general stopped the human horde.
  5. I can't even tell partner.
  6. I support breasts whenever possible. P.S. the green background on this page is impossible :-(
  7. So the Monkey supports Breast Cancer far my them for the league this year is: I'm a Survivor!
  8. The other league I played in...led the league in scoring by 200 pts...lost Forte for the year and that knocked into third after being the 1 seed in the playoffs.
  9. Pretty sure I was dead last. Still fun.
  10. I think my performance will be as bad as last year...another losing campaign overall.
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