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  1. quit droppin' dat makin' me feel ignint...for real though you've got a ton of info, I feel a child sometimes when I read your posts.
  2. I was joking, but I was serious that if she tried we'd have serious issues.
  3. Nuclear green.
  4. Green is fine, so long as it is practical, and not a useless fantasy.
  5. We gotta go green...only one shade I like.
  6. I get this vibe from a few friends of mine that the overall assumption is that there will be a land invasion. I wouldn't want there to be one because it would be the closest thing to Vietnam we've seen.
  7. If we have to attack Iran, there will not be a ground invasion, just a series of airstrikes to take out their nuclear weapons research and production facilities, and to degrade their military capabilities. That does not take a lot of money. The problem is that Iran can then declare an all-out terrorism campaign against America that will be difficult to defend against. But I think that such a campaign is an inevitability. The longer they wait before they attack, the more cells they would likely have in place here and overseas near American assets. So maybe having that attack sooner is better in the long run, as it would be less potent.
  8. So now that we're screwed...and the Machine thinks we're going to will we fight it without any money?
  9. I look in a lot of places. I find a fair amount of stuff at [I]FreeRepublc[/I]. I treat it like an article list and ignore the member comments. They find some interesting things. I also find stuff at other discussion boards, [I]Google News[/I], [I]CNS News[/I] 'Newspaper Roundup for the day', and elsewhere.
  10. Where do you find your stuff man, that article was great.
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