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  1. They be hatin' on your fashion thread man.

    Also, 5 speed manual or auto? I like the convenience of auto (i.e not having to do anything) but I'd be willing to learn manual and I can brag about it :P.
  2. Ah, that blows. I always worry that my first car will have some horrible problem like that.
  3. Its a piece of ****. The damn alarm engaged and renders it unusable. Theres something wrong because the alarm won't disengage even if I disconnect it it still won't re-engage my starter.

    So basically I can't start it. Been driving my moms 2009 Civic while shes in japan
  4. O hai so how is the Golf?
  5. Try looking at Mk4 Jettas or Golfs (if you like hatchbacks)

    Part aren't super expensive. I use to look up parts pricing on whatever I'm looking at

    They are reliable when taken care of have good space, and enough power.

    I've heard good and some bad things about Escapes. Not a bad looking SUV
  6. Currently I have $2700, hoping to get something around $5000 before I get a car. Honestly I can't decide, I would like a truck like an older F150 (Not as obnoxiously large as now) or an Escape. I have been looking into Jettas and Passats as well because they are considerably less expensive but will probably cost more to fix if something happens.
  7. How much do you have so far?

    I have a weakness for older cars. Like 90s euro hatches and Japanese coupes

    My golf needs alot of work but mechanically its sound. Gonna drop some coilovers in, exhaust system, new throttle body, strut bars, sway bars. Bigger wheels & tires
  8. Nice, nice. Still lookin for one myself but I have to do my driving hours with the school and save up around another 2 grand :(.
  9. Yeah. A '97 Volkswagen Golf 5speed.
  10. Oh hai I herd u bought a new car mang.
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