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  1. Whats indoor track?
  2. Baseball, indoor/outdoor track, and airsoft (if you count that as a sport).
  3. Do you play any sports?
  4. Yeah certain maps are pretty slow, but some are really fun.
  5. hahaha, It has amazing multiplayer but its too slow for me sometimes. I love having to actually try but sometimes it gets boring so I play MW2 Hardcore
  6. YES! I love that game so much. You actually have to try during multiplayer too, or else someone in a tank will launch a missile at you from a mile away and destroy you. It's also fun to watch noobs snipers not compensate for bullet drop, then nail them right in the head once you're done laughing at how accustomed to MW2 they are.

    Speaking of MW2, someone at airsoft the other day was ranting about their airsoft K/D ratio. I'm suprised he made it out alive :|.
  7. I finished BFBC2 yesterday, pretty damn good.
  8. ahh, sorry mate
  9. Yeah somehow it's the same exact problem, we got a faulty replacement diode system thingy.
  10. wtf again?
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