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  1. Alright, what's yours? Maybe we did.
  2. I'll add that account tonight after I go pick up Uncharted 3.

    I'm pretty sure I played with him (or you) one night. That name sounds very familiar
  3. Little brother's account name is Xx_Jr-Death_xX. I know it's lame but he's 11 :P.
  4. Send me whichever one you'll play Battlefield on, as I have MW3 preordered for 360
  5. PSN locked me out of Nugget44 for some reason so I will send you my brother's account name or my new one if you are getting MW3 for the PS3 as well.
  6. I have my moments, but I also haven't played very much, and i'm used to Gears/COD

    Might have to play a game together soon, I haven't deleted you so.

    Though tbh Idk how much I'll play come Tuesday with Uncharted, then MW3 the week after
  7. PS3. I am alright at it, sometimes I get destroyed and other times I go like 28 and 8.

    The online pass thing is gay, my little brother used it on his account so now I have to spend $10 to get it on mine. Might just deal with it because he's already leveled up a decent amount.
  8. Did you get it on PC or PS3?
  9. Playstation Triple

    I must have played way too much Black Ops though as I ****ing suck lol
  10. I see that you survived the events of 10/14/11. What system did you end up getting BF3 for?
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