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  1. Ill add you tonight and whenever you get on maybe we can play a match or two or hit up some spec ops mode.

    PSN is [MPN]mcnasty09
  2. Yea, my username is Nugget44. Dunno how much I'll be able to play though because I got a fever and other flu like symptoms today, so I'm banished to my room to keep from spreading the germs.
  3. are you on PSN?
  4. Unfortunately no, I don't see many new episodes the night they air because I either forget to or have school work to do. I'm sure I'll see it sometime though.
  5. You see the new episode last night?
  6. Yeah, I love that show lol.
  7. Dig isnt my biggest fan either lol

    You watch South park?
  8. Haha thanks, I deserved it though, regardless of the fact I had no clue there was a rule.
  9. oh lol, sorry bro
  10. Violated Digrar's no-pedobear rule and got a 2 week suspension.
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