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  1. No it doesn't say who it's with, she was leaving for Maryland when she said it, and she hasn't replied to any of the comments. I have a feeling it's a joke, but if not, I will be really mad. Especially if it's with a dirtbag.
  2. That would suck ass. Does she have it where you can see with whom?
    I don't use facebook but I think I recalled that
  3. So I log on to facebook and it says that that girl is in a relationship. I hope it's an april fools joke or she is a huge douche.
  4. Alright. I recently watched the hour long hissy fit known as Jersey Shore, and then my friend made me watch American Skins after that, then asked me if I had ever seen the British one. I'll try to catch an episode some time, especially now that my dad brought home an LED TV. It's almost scary how good the picture is, I was watching Terminator Salvation and I felt like I was standing in front of the actors.
  5. The original UK version actually had very high quality acting even though nobody was over 19 and only 1 guy (Tony who was the kid in about a boy) had any acting experience.
    The script is top notch, british tv doesn't censor anything really whether it be ****s, ****, or even cvnt

    The environment is more exciting, and the characters were much better even though american Skins is based off of Skins Seasons 1 & 2 (characters and the plot is all based, same character names with a few differences)

    Plus the girls in the UK series are much better looking
  6. I got bored of doing my essay on the wartime economy of the 40s so enlighten me on the differences between the British and American Skins. I have only seen parts of the american episode where the teacher bangs her student in a treehouse.
  7. Killzone 3 is amazing. Both singleplayer and Multi
  8. I don't mind the series, I just think it's funny how the AK47 is one of the last unlocks yet the terrorists have it in the prologue :P.

    I have heard mixed reviews about Homefront, I might pick it up when it goes on sale. My little brother is dying to get Killzone 3 since he downloaded the demo today and loved it.
  9. Ahh gotcha. I wasn't a fan of the first Vegas so I never tried 2.

    After watching a friend play Homefront on I kinda of want it but I still haven't finished Killzone 3, or even started Dead Space 2.

    I actually canceled my preorder for F3AR because pof the backlog so getting homefront would be stupid.
  10. I really, really should have. I regret it deeply now.

    RSV2= Rainbow Six Vegas 2, fun SWAT type game.
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