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  1. Yeah the wet weather vac pag I have is a godsend...whereas the issue wet weather bag wouldn't help.
  2. i take it you are back at Ft. Puke?

    BTW I just thought of those vacuum space bag thingys
  3. god loves the infantry LOL yeah I memmer when the MOLLE came out and we had to jam like 20 pounds of useless ***** into it

    that's why home depot has footlockers
  4. Having to stuff ten extra pounds of ninja gear in my ruck because it's on the ****ing list of crap we're supposed to have.
  5. what were you getting into?
  6. So this morning I was like: MSgt htf do I get this into this?
  7. I'll get the vulcan carrying smiley!
  8. Man we got ****ed...sounds like we have to return to that place and kill them alll!!!
  9. well I made it and-----went to a 5 post lock!

  10. I would support such an action
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