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  1. Yer, there is a memorial with him in NZ.
  2. Actually Anzacs respect him.

    Read this:
    My Great-Grandfather died their he was part of the 57th Infantry Regiment, his name is on one of the memorial tombstones. More about that here:
  3. ATATURK!!! I saw a play about him when I was at school. As a half Kiwi I'm not meant to like him, but I think he realized the pointless bloodshed of WW1. That war was just a travesty for man.
  4. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  5. Who is that in your Avatar?
  6. Nice profile pic too.

    Unfortunately your hope is a far off reality. I too would rather have it that way.
  7. ^^Cool pic by the way man, I hope Russia and Georgia can get past thier differences.
  8. Yer, it will most likely be all the gear that fits in with the Americans stuff. For logistical purposes and so on.
  9. BTW Cobras will not be sent to Afghanistan (at least by Georgia), they are most likely going to use Humvees.
  10. I don't think they will use M4's because they got their training for the deployment on Ak 47's.
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