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  1. So I wore my snapback today, pretty sure I looked like an idiot
  2. I got a really good deal on the snapback, I've actually been looking for a 5 panel but I've never found one I liked enough
  3. y no cop 5 panel cap bruhh?
  4. I just want fall all year round
  5. you all be damned with your winter. I still be wearing shorts and sneakers
  6. Preperation for Fall, while those boots normally cost $275-400. I got them for $100
  7. boots in summer?
  8. [URL][/URL]

    blows that I don't got the ca$h. sweet deal
  9. [URL][/URL]

    incase you haven't seen it
  10. yeah. as long it was still usable. all this hellaflush is gettin' hella aweful already. its been gettin' out off hand
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