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  1. and I seriously have no plan what the first-half off my last response was about. lol
  2. Yeah I know. Oh well
  3. you won't be able go out with your freedoms on here, so no real surprise the reason was idiotic
  4. Yeah probably was. But the reason for it being closed is bull**** nonetheless.
  5. may've been for the better. nothing but idiots leaving their useless commentary all around
  6. Yeah and for a complete bull**** reason. But CJ is a ******* I should have expected it sooner
  7. RIP da homie fashion thread
  8. It would be better then 30% of the entire site ha.

    Haters gonna hate. Plus death has no taste in anything
  9. so that I get bashed on by death, wagon and all them other ford drivers. nahhh
  10. Yeah but like 1/3 is just bashing on me lol. Better then nothing I guess lol

    Start a hellaflush thread!
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