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  1. haven't seen it yet. only commercials
  2. Idk, I actually like glee.
  3. no. why should I?
  4. You got something against Glee fool?
  5. and this entire fashion thread didn't go to well either. way too many ****s on this forum to make it possible
  6. Sometimes I hate how high my post count is.
  7. 2012 memebers come in here bursting big guns now. smh they should there post count up first
  8. Oh hes serious. I've seen pictures. Its not pretty

    Did you see that photo that guy posted. The one I was "arguing" about levis with? I seriously hope hes trolling
  9. O' good Lord...

    I seriously can't tell anymore if he's been serious about that whole wrangler thing or not.
  10. Read the end of Soldat's post in the style thread. The one with a music video in it.

    I actually Lol'd
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