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  1. Yeah and for a complete bull**** reason. But CJ is a ******* I should have expected it sooner
  2. RIP da homie fashion thread
  3. It would be better then 30% of the entire site ha.

    Haters gonna hate. Plus death has no taste in anything
  4. so that I get bashed on by death, wagon and all them other ford drivers. nahhh
  5. Yeah but like 1/3 is just bashing on me lol. Better then nothing I guess lol

    Start a hellaflush thread!
  6. at last, got your own thread (somewhat). wish I had one
  7. ahhh... still kinda in the dark. whats on?
  8. I changed muh mind bro
  9. ok, and now?
  10. If I don't happen to say bye before, then bye.
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