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  1. hey, you done beating minorities yet?

    get on teh boox ex

    btw, meant no offence with that first part lol
  2. **** work man vidya gaems

    You can arrest mexicans some other day lol

    But thats alright, I have a headache anyways. COD would probably strain my eyes more
  3. I havent been on in a few hours. Im trying to sleep, but its not working. I have to work tomorrow. :(
  4. mfw you go "away" right when I go to play
    mfw I have no face
  5. Ill be off and on half the night also.
  6. I'll be on tonight for a little bit after work, so like 1030 or so?
    Don't have anything planned tonight so I'll most likely be on all night lol
  7. Wheres my pic?

    YOu gonna be on XBOX anytime soon?
  8. Yeah, I put all the effort into it that I could. The way I see it if it doesn't work out in time then it wasn't meant to be.

    I'll take this time and frustration to hit the gym (well the one in our garage anyways lol)
  9. As long of you put forth the effort yourself, thats about all you can do. The right effort.
  10. We fought too much
    I couldn't take it anymore, and she though it was a good idea so we took a break

    last time we took a break it helped a lot, but if it doesn't end up working out I can't do much about it
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