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  1. Yeah that is pig ignorant. I don't blame you for going Happy Gilmore on him! There needs to be a culling of *******s on the planet.
  2. I was on the green, and the guy was shouting at me to get off, said four and launched his ball. It's not as if we were taking that long. I'm just wondering wtf.
  3. lol it seems the inquisition has deleted those PG12 photo's I posted! Ah for f uck sake! Modelling shots, no flesh of any kind.... wowsa
  4. yeah she's tasty, still tasty. And she likes her horseys it seems .
  5. I'll be along......
  6. The price of membership is participation.
  7. Ah I was just playing a bit there, our complex policy and all that ;-) It's a huge nut to crack, that syrian problem. To get from where we are to a peaceful solution .... it's going to take a lot of firefighters to put out that flame. Or we stand back and watch it burn.
  8. "Assad bad, he go now"
  9. ha ha - something I said or I'm playing mind tricks on you?
  10. Sometimes I think you could be vietnamese...or Yoda...
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