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  1. Still in the market for a good, educated, beautiful Irish woman. ;)
  2. lol it seems the inquisition has deleted those PG12 photo's I posted! Ah for f uck sake! Modelling shots, no flesh of any kind.... wowsa
  3. yeah she's tasty, still tasty. And she likes her horseys it seems .
  4. Good choice mate…too bad she isn't younger though, she's a lovely one. ;)
  5. I'll be along......
  6. The price of membership is participation.
  7. Ah I was just playing a bit there, our complex policy and all that ;-) It's a huge nut to crack, that syrian problem. To get from where we are to a peaceful solution .... it's going to take a lot of firefighters to put out that flame. Or we stand back and watch it burn.
  8. "Assad bad, he go now"
  9. ha ha - something I said or I'm playing mind tricks on you?
  10. Sometimes I think you could be vietnamese...or Yoda...
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