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  1. "the taller than ocean and deeper than mountain kinds"

    I lol'd, reminded me of Hindi-Chini-bhai-bhai! :P
  2. 5,555 posts bruh!!!

  3. Well played bhaiya....well played
  4. Celebrating Rafale purchase bruh!??!
  5. Perhaps I was a little strong and being a little ignorant when I said roots of Pakistani paranoia go back not too far

    However, jackanola DOES have a point, even if its not as severe as he says. And yes, I've read your explanation many times, and I know it too (cause lol I lived in a family that thought that way), so thats why I dont respond to it ;)

    But note how Comrade Middlepath uses topic to advance Chicom agenda. India backstabbed China, lolwut?
  6. Im hopin not to bro, and thanks for keeping the vigil :)
  7. Welcome back.

    Try not to get sent on vacation again, Mundeya.:)
  8. Oh ****, I got suspended and am back bruh!
  9. Oh no, you got suspended again bruh!
  10. What you been upto lately bro?

    People still going nuts over the World Cup cricket win?
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