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  1. Hey man, I have a random question. A Canadian pilot licence, is it a small card that you could put in your wallet, like a drivers licence?
  2. That is retarded. I thought it would be similar military where you join, get your training and have to work for them for set period of time. Thai airways international have similar system where you go to school and I think they pay for it. But yeah, I dont think its cost effective for them to hire fresh cadet with no expirences. I think at least they should put new cadets on the right seat as a co-pilot.
  3. Qantas has a cadet program, but you have to be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian Permanant Resident. Also, it doesn't look like they actually guarantee you a job if you do it, which is pretty stupid. I just checked their website

  4. No, we dont have airline cadet here :( it sucks. 70k doesnt sounds that bad with 30k a year we get as low as 15k a year. Dont worry, I hear it double every year so how bad can it get right? Does Qantas accepts foriegn cadet do you know? do they still have cadet program?
  5. Probably about $70000. And seeing how a new pilot only earns about $30000 a year for the first few years, it's going to take a while to pay off :(
    I think in Australia if you do it through a university you can get student loans but I did it at a flying school, so I missed out. Are there many airline cadetships in Canada?
  6. Ah, no worries as long as you have privacy setting set right.

    Danm, I wish my family was that wealthy. Im going to have to do student loan thingy with interest and all that money grab. How much do you think your going to spend after you finish?
  7. Yeah it was a bit of fun. I've got about 150 hours. I'm borrowing the money of my parents, luckily they are generous and kind... I'll probably be paying the money back for years.

    Ha, yeah I joined the facebook page. Now anyone can stalk me... Oh well
  8. I see, its a fun challenge then. How many hours do you have so far? and how are you paying for school? loans?

    I see that you joined a wonderful group in facebook(mpn) lol...
  9. The simulator thing was a mask you put on that gave you less and less oxygen until you went hypoxic. Then we had to try do simple maths problems and stuff like that at a computer screen while hypoxic. Maybe fun was the wrong word... it was interesting.
  10. I dont think they do. It was fun? how so? lol I dont think they do high altitude flying.
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