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  1. I just looked up Coastal Pacific Aviation. They don't have a hypoxia simulator do they? Because that was fun :)
  2. Here we call it CARs(Canadian aviation regulation) its equivilent of FAA, it has to at least meet ICAO standards. Yes they are very similar to FAA, infact, alot of pilots who are taking their commercials usualy have to fly to the US at some point in their training career. CARs and FAA are very similar its very easy to convert one to another.
    Oh man..I dont know, probably 2-3 years before I have it(Just graduated from high school). I havent got my private yet lol. Im doing it through university, its going to take long time. Coastal Pacific Aviation is the name of school. They have 747-200 simulator there, it would be interesting. I have no idea where my first job is going to be and thats what im worried about when I graduate. I dont really know anyone who is in my area of interest. I know a few people but they cant help me with my first job lol. It suck.
  3. I'd work for Jetstar in a flash. Any of the airlines would be good. But what I really want to do one day is fly for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I don't know if you've heard of them but I think it would be a pretty awesome job.
    There's heaps of foreign pilots here. At my flying school in particular there are lots, but that's because it also offers JAA flight training to students from Europe, so they need JAA instructors. There's a few Americans (one of the instructors at my school was an ex-USMC Harrier pilot) as well, I don't know of any Canadian pilots but I'm sure there are some. Are the standards for Canadian licences similar to the American FAA? Because the FAA and CASA (the Australian aviation authority) standards are pretty similar so it probably wouldn't be too hard to convert your licence.
    How long do you have to go until you will have your CPL?
  4. Sorry for late reply.

    Here in Canada, when you graduate or obtained your CPL, they usualy offer you intructing job. Would you owrk for Jetstar if you have a chance? Australia seems like a nice place to work at. Maybe I should move there after I finish with my school. Are there lots of expat pilot in Australia do you know?
  5. I'll try to get a charter/air taxi type job when I get my CPL. I want to work up in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, there's a lot of work up there and I know a few people who fly up there. I also want to be an instructor in the near future too. I don't have any degrees. I started this course straight out of high school and I've never been to university or anything. I don't think any of the major Aussie airlines (Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar) say you need one.
    I guess the industry here's good, it hasn't been hit too hard by the economic trouble and there's still lot's of jobs going around. There's plenty of regional airlines as well as the big 3 I mentioned above. General aviation is really big. Heaps of charter, agricultural and flight training. The major GA airports are incredibly busy.
  6. Thats not too bad. You get what you pay for I guess. What entry job are you looking at currently? Do yo have a degree/bachelor? all US major airlines reequires them for some reason. Man, it must be hell trying to get a major airline job in the US.

    Whats avaition industry like in Australia?
  7. My CPL (no extra ratings) will cost about $60000 Australian (I checked google and $1 Aust is 93 Canadian cents). I'm flying Mooney M20J's which I hire for about $170 an hour. An Instructor Rating is about $15000, a Multi Engine endorsement is about $5000. My schools not the cheapest one around though.
    The jobs sound a lot like here then. A lot of the jobs for new pilots here is in northern Australia and is pretty seasonal. Half the year it's bone dry and they'll fly pretty much every day, but the other half of the year is monsoonal rain every day and the work becomes pretty scarce. And like you said, it's who you know. I have friends who are still looking for a flying job nearly a year after getting a CPL, and others walked straight into a job.
  8. Its like here then. How are the cost? here its around $80,000CAD to get PPL, ME, night rating, instruments with option of floats as a commercial pilot package kind of thing. It depends on school.

    Pilot jobs are down, some airlines are laying off but its recovering quickly now as Canada emerge from recession before most countries. I am sure there are lots of jobs here, charters, air taxi, know entry jobs, there are lots of bush pilots with floats rating around here. It really depends on where you are and who you know. Theres also military option, for me anyways which is a good job.

    Check these websites to get some idea of what our aviation industry is like

    There are others as well, but I dont remember their names.
  9. Sounds like Western Australia with regards to the airspace and traffic.
    I don't have any ratings beyond my PPL. Not even a Night VFR rating yet. That will be my next step after CPL probably. I don't know what it's like in Canada but you don't need any ratings (Multi Engine, IFR/Night VFR etc) to get a CPL. In reality you need at least a Night VFR rating before anyone will employ you though. I'm flying at a flight school. I do the flying for a CPL and theory up to ATPL.
    Is there much general aviation/charter work where you are? Here the first job most new commercial pilots get is flying tourists around the outback for small charter companies.
  10. Yes, West Coast Canada. We got plenty of airspace and fairly low traffic.

    Commercial huh? what rating have you got so far? are you doing it through university or just plain srtight up flight school?
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