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  1. Was a Sea Cadet in high school, made it to the top of that. Joined the Army, went to school, went on a military exchange in France, came home, finished college, commissioned.
  2. I recognized your big booty ho
  3. What was your old handle?
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I hear you on working. I just spent 8 days up in North Carolina training with the Air National Guard. I am now working 2 weeks straight. Hang in there and try to enjoy!
  5. Name change lol
  6. I hope your Mother's Day weekend went well. Hot and nice up here in the northwest. It is a rare event.
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    What you say is true and I do feel guilty, as though I've just leeched off this awesome country. I do plan on working for about 2-3 years(if I can get a job) and build off of that work experience an take it home with me. But man, that's a lot military in the family, you keep the workouts going you may just make in time for the after party ;-)!
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    No I'm not a citizen, just green card but I plan on eventually going back once I'm done with school and right now contemplating whether I should stick around for my Master's or head home. You're right there aren't too many black folks interested in all things Military related and mine is somewhat embarrassing. I can't remember how long ago it was but I believe it was Black Hawk Down that got me interested. I did some background on the real event and the whole world of special operations units really gripped me and that gradually manifested into a growing admiration for not only the SOF community but all military personnel and what they do and that led me here. Most folks I know don't get my interest in military related topics both local and global so this site's been a great place to share in the catharsis. What about you?
  9. As far as deploying again its up in the air. One day they say were not then the next you no you get orders to pack it up in a week. Then a day or 2 before higher ups minds change. So me going to TX or not depends on this.
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    That holoPac was ill dude, I watched that ***** on livestream an was gassed up when he popped up. I have a ton of family and relatives in the States so I moved here at the end of high school and just completing my Bachelors at the moment. Leonard Washington is one of my faves, the old school, don't give a **** type ni99a we all personally know and love in our lives. Who's the thick honey with the flag behind her?
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