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  1. Cool! Glad you liked them.

    Still, The Mote in God's Eye, Footfall & Legacy of Heorot are must reads.

    After your mentioning that you had only seen the SyFy TV movie based on Riverworld I went back & rewatched it...then I discovered they made a remake in 2010 (with a bunch of BSG people). It was better than the '04 version, but still nothing compared to the books. I guess it's understandable as it would be almost impossible to do a movie where everyone who ever lived is recreated at the same time along the banks of Riverworld (rather than the hit & miss randomness of the movie) on anything close to a budget...but still it annoys me. lol

    Nowhere near as bad as SyFy's bastardization of A Wizard of Earthsea (or for that matter, what Verhoeven did to Starship Troopers).
  2. Thanks for the recommendation on the Fleet of Worlds. I didn't know he had come out with more in that universe until you told me. Read the first 3 books last week, but had to hold off reading the 4th due to finals week. :p
  3. Ok. I'll give those a look too at some point. I liked the movie on SyFy, and had no idea it was part of a book series.
  4. There were a series of Riverworld books by Phillip Jose Farmer. The basic concept is that everyone who ever lived is resurrected on a planet terraformed into one continuous river valley winding back and forth over the entire globe, with both mouth & source emanating in a polar sea.

    The valley has continuous mountain ranges running along either side so it's impossible to climb over into the next valley. Thus the only way to travel is to follow the river valley itself (either on the water or walking next to it).

    In this back drop Farmer throws together various historic personages who decide to reach the source of the river to find the answers behind who put them there and what the purpose was.

    So you have Mark Twain, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Alice Lidell, Cyrano de Bergerac, Tom Mix, Hermann Göring, John Lackland, Erik Bloodaxe & a Gigantopithicus named Joe Miller (among many others) as the protagonists (and antagonists) exploring the valley.

    One of my very favorite series.
  5. Ok, I'll give Protector a look first. Can't hurt knowing about our "ancestors" :p. And that's cool about the Fleet of World series; exactly the sort of thing I like.

    And wait, there's a Riverworld novel?? I've only seen the SyFy production (which I liked; although I fully conced that a book is in general a million times better than it's movie/tv show adaption).

    SIGINT eh? So you're DSP (Digital Signal Processing). :p

    I'm actually considering designing a spacecraft that can go from Terra to the Alpha Centauri system (as a hobby). That's why I'm looking for an AE person. :)
  6. I have read Ringworld, Engineers, Throne, and Children. (so all of them I guess unless he's come out with another when I wasn't looking :p).

    I'll give Known Space a looksee. Shouldn't take me too long to read once finals are done. :)

    And sorry, so used to people knowing what I mean when I speak in those acronyms. AE=aerospace.

    Also, did you see this (I hadn't until just now, from wiki): "In 2013, it was again announced by the SyFy Channel that a miniseries of the novel was in development. This proposed 4-hour miniseries is being written by Michael R. Perry and will be a co-production between MGM Television and Universal Cable Productions." => about Ringworld
  7. I haven't read anything of Niven's that wasn't Ring World. I take it it's good? I may just have to pick it up. :)

    Hey, you're not AE by any chance are you?
  8. Haha, I love his Looking Glass, and Hot Gate series. :p

    He has over the top characters, and the plots are totally implausible, but damn the man thinks big. :)

    (never read his ghost series)
  9. Have you read any of John Ringo's sci fi novels?
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    [quote]Damn creationists are everywhere.[/quote]

    That was damn funny.
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