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    It just seems like everything is tit-for-tat with Russia. Seems like they have this huge vendetta against the U.S. because they lost the Cold War. They act like monsters to their neighbors to this day and they expect the rest of the Western world to accept them as an equal partner. It's amazing how they'll defend one of the greatest murderer's of the 21st century to save their last Mediterranean port and a few weapons deals. Russia, on the wrong side of history...again. So many members on this forum are in denial.
  2. thanks for the paragraphs. appreciate it.

    but yeah, im kinda starting to realize that its useless arguing with these folks.
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    Haha it's all good. Those guys were dumb@sses. It's pretty crazy how the Russian government spins the news and tries to make the rebels out to look like terrorists and then a large portion of the population in Russia believes it. These are folks with access to the internet, they should know the truth by now. We do have two dedicated threads for what's going on in Syria right now. hundreds of videos.
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    No problem. I know what it's like to be all nervous about dates and stuff. You'll get over it eventually when you meet the right person.
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    Don't be. It's just an irrational fear. Girls are nervous too, and they don't want to date a nervous guy. Trust me, you want a girl you can be yourself around. One you can crazy ***** too. I can say some pretty ridiculous/perverted ***** to my girlfriend and she just laughs about it and cracks sick jokes too. **** all that polite *****. You should be able to talk to her like you would one of your best guy friends. That is, if you're really considering being with this person long-term. Not that you shouldn't be a gentleman or anything, but you should definitely be able to say what you want to her and have her complete respect. That's really the kind of stuff that makes too people close. Being one of those "yes dear" pussies doesn't work, girls will trample you. It's not even that they want to most times, it's just how they react to guys being bigger b!tches than they are.
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    Buncha dumb hoes? That was my biggest problem with okcupid. I went on a few dates with some crazy broads. I went to meet this girl who on her okcupid account looked pretty attractive, but in reality was a big ol' fatty. Belly hanging out and wearing basketball shorts with her crack showing. I saw her, pulled into the apartment and then realized this was her, just not photoshopped and wearing no makeup. I drove up and she was like "are you John?" and I was like "no" and drove off. It was so ****ing awful, dude. On the other hand, I met my last girlfriend who was this fine lookin' Pakistani who was a total 10/10. I mean like, dating her was like hitting the jackpot. Now I got a sexy blonde girlfriend who'll cook for me and I can play Black Ops with. You really can't lose on okcupid, it's just a numbers game. The more chances you take and the better at it you get, the more chances you have. And I'd say it probably gives you the most avenues to single girls who live in your area.
  7. Ah I know that feel, the bills just shock you really

    Its amazing what an ambulance ride costs...
  8. Nah, just frustrated at the job and such. I got a ton of medical bills hanging over me.
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    Oh by the way, it rated us as 52% percent compatible. Buncha BS. You just gotta take chances. I remember the first thing I messaged her was "holy *****, you play Call of Duty?!".
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    If you live in the US, just get on I thought it was a stupid idea at first, but I didn't have any better ideas for meeting women. It's basically the Facebook of dating. You answer a ton of questions and they match you up by percentages. I think the rating was a bit skewed because I answered like 10 times more questions than she did. I'm not the kind of dude to go pick up chicks at a bar because they're usually a bunch of classless whores.

    Ya gotta open up a bit. You got nothing to lose. If she's not interested, on to the next one. I just made an account on that website and messaged like 10 girls a day and after a few days I had a bunch of dates planned. It's not like the girl is gonna know you're messaging other girls, so again, nothing to lose.

    I think my boy Dean can help you make sense of your lack of openness.
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