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Thread: Pictures of Singapore Armed Forces

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    Quote Originally Posted by highdiver_2000 View Post
    1. Legal requirement. Possession of empty cartridges is a crime.
    2. Environmentally friendly. The nature reserve don't need anymore damage.
    3. Enforcement of training. You must expend the rounds
    I think they are a good idea, every army should hav them, especially during Peace Time and Training. I don't know much about weapons , do they interfere with using the rifle in any way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen67 View Post
    I think they are a good idea, every army should hav them, especially during Peace Time and Training. I don't know much about weapons , do they interfere with using the rifle in any way?
    While it doesn't really interfere with the usage of the weapon, it does make it more bulky making it harder to store/stow the weapon in a vehicle. This might not be serious but it does get real annoying after a while.

    Based on my experience with the spent ammo casing pouch, the pouch must be emptied after firing about 2 magazines worth of ammunition, if you don't you'll start to experience stoppages. Such as stovepipes or failure-to-eject.

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    Default Navy @ VivoCity

    Navy_01 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_02 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_03 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_04 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_05 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_06 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_07 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_16 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_17 by BQ-T, on Flickr

    Navy_18 by BQ-T, on Flickr

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    From "Today's Photos, Tuesday 23rd, 2013 -Ceriy"

    [SIZE=3]Exercise Panzer Strike 2013 [/SIZE]

    Exercise Panzer Strike provides the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF’s) armour units with the training area it requires to fire its 120mm live rounds from the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and the 25mm live rounds from the Bionix I Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

    Horsten Camp, Bergen-NATO training area, Bergen, Germany

    Photos by Chua Soon Lye
    Attachments Pending Approval Attachments Pending Approval

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    [SIZE=4]Ex. Panzer Strike[/SIZE]

    Soldiers from 48th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment (48 SAR) have had the privilege to train with their German counterparts from the Bundeswehr’s 33rd Panzer Battalion.

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    Default Ex. Panzer Strike

    Lieutenant Vivien Lee (second from left), a platoon commander from 48 SAR, introducing the features of the Leopard 2SG MBT to German soldiers.

    Lieutenant Vivien Lee, a 48 SAR platoon commander, briefing her commander on her game plan for the live-firing exercise.

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    Default Singapore: Commissioning of RSS Swordsman

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam officiated at a ceremony to mark the commissioning of RSS Swordsman, the Republic of Singapore Navy's (RSN) second Archer-class submarine, at Changi Naval Base this afternoon. DPM Tharman presented the commissioning warrant to the Commanding Officer of RSS Swordsman, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Loh Mun Heng, at the ceremony. He also visited RSS Swordsman where he received a brief by LTC Loh on the capabilities of RSS Swordsman.

    DPM Tharman disembarking from RSS Swordsman after a tour of the boat.

    RSS Swordsman was acquired from the Royal Swedish Navy in 2005 and was launched in Karlskrona, Sweden on 20 Oct 2010. She underwent various comprehensive and extensive sea trials in Sweden before returning to Singapore on 31 Dec 2012. RSS Swordsman has undergone extensive refurbishment, upgrades, and tropicalisation to adapt it for operations in our local conditions. Its combat and sensor suites have been upgraded and an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system was added to give the submarine greater stealth, extended reach and expanded operational capabilities. RSS Swordsman will join RSS Archer and operate alongside the Challenger-class submarines under the RSN's 171 Squadron.

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    Default Training of a Singapore Armed Forces Medic

    Singapore: Medics learning how to work under the stress of battle at the Medical Stimulation Training Centre.

    While the group of medics undergo resuscitation training at the simulation of an Singapore Armed Forces Medical Centre at MSTC, cameras in the simulated SAF Medical Centre records the proceedings and broadcasts it to another room via live feed, enabling instructors and fellow trainees to observe the training in real-time.

    Intravenous (IV) cannula insertion

    A medic preparing the IV drip.

    Medics who are part of a 4-men team, performing resuscitation

    Besides CPR, knowledge of in the operation of an Automated External Defibrillator is crucial in resuscitation, as both medics work hand in hand in resuscitation.

    Medics from the Emergency Medical Technician Course undergoing a lesson on airway management.

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    Default 453 sar atec

    'To Victory, We Lead' - The motto the soliders from 453 SAR lived by. Year after year, without fail, these Operationally-Ready National Servicemen reported for in-camp training to hone their fighting capabilities. Here's a snap-shot of 453 SAR's ATEC conducted in April 13.

    [Photos contributed by 453 SAR]

    Soldiers from 453 SAR getting ready for the commencement of the Exercise

    Soldiers taking up position, awaiting for enemy attack

    Conduct of Heli-Operations

    Scout Troopers on their motorbikes

    A-Vehicles taking up position

    Soldiers taking up position, awaiting for enemy attack

    A four-man team transporting an "injured" soldier

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