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Thread: Pictures of Singapore Armed Forces

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    Default Helming the Elite: The Chief Commando Officer COC Ceremony

    [SIZE=3]For Honour and Glory! The Chief Commando Officer Change of Command Ceremony[/SIZE]

    In front of his family, friends and fellow soldiers, COL Chiang Hock Woon bid farewell to the Commando Formation as their Chief Commando Officer (Ccdo) and Commander, Special Operations Task Force (SOTF). He is succeeded by former Commander of Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC), COL Simon Lim at Hendon Camp; Chief-of-Army (COA), MG Ravinder Singh as witnessing officer.

    COL Chiang took the helm of the Commando formation in 2011 and it was a tearful farewell as he handed the post over to COL Lim, In his farewell speech, COL Chiang thanked the men and women of the Commando Formation for their unwavering support, friendship and commitment that has “ensured that the formation is forever strong”. Reflecting on his tenure as Chief Commando Officer /Commander SOTF, he said that he would miss most would be the people, the place and the way of life in Hendon Camp.

    COL Chiang (left) and handing command over to COL Simon Lim.

    COA, MG Ravinder Singh, presents the letter of appointment to COL Simon Lim.

    COL Simon Lim being sworn in as the new Chief Commando Officer

    Chief of Defence Force, LG Ng Chee Meng congratulating COL Simon Lim on his appointment as the new Chief Commando Officer.

    COL Chiang (in grey helmet) performing a free-fall jump.

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    Default 12th Basic Military Training (Vocational) Graduating Ceremony

    [SIZE=3]12th Basic Military Training (Vocational) Graduating Ceremony [/SIZE]

    The 12th Basic Military Training (Vocational) [BMT(V)] Graduation Ceremony was held on the evening of 11 July at Sembawang Camp. The Reviewing Officer for the event was Commander CSSCOM, BG Tan Peng Kuan, while the Parade Commander was 1WO Selvaraj; Parents and loved ones of the Recruits were also invited. The [BMT(V)] trains recruits in various vocations such as Technicians, Transport Operators, Service Medics and Admin Support Assistants. They are initially trained at the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) for four weeks before being sent to their respective vocational schools for the next five weeks.

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    Default Forging Onwards with 486 SAR!

    [SIZE=4]Forging Onwards with 486 SAR! [/SIZE]

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    Exercise Matilda 2013 - joint Australia and Singapore exercise.

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    Singapore Armed Forces (R) and Australian Defence Force (L) Main Battle Tanks involved in a manoeuvre exercise. (Photo: MINDEF)

    SINGAPORE: The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Australian Defence Force (ADF) conducted a bilateral armour exercise, codenamed Matilda, at the Mount Bundey Training Area in Darwin, Australia. About 100 personnel from the 48th battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment (48 SAR) and their Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) were involved in the training with their Australian counterparts from the 1st Armoured Regiment.
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    SMS Chan Chun Sing: 7-in-1 Multi-level Multi-Mission Range Complex to raise
    marksmanship standards and training efficiency #SGbudget

    Rendering of
    Multi-level Multi-Mission Range Complex.

    New indoor firing range complex to sharpen SAF firepower

    Preview of the new SAF Multi-Mission Range Complex (MMRC), which is a first of its kind three-storey indoor live firing range located at Pasir Laba. Singapore's soldiers will now spend a lot more time sharpening their marksmanship at the Republic's latest indoor firing range that went fully-operational on Friday. -- ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

    Sourced from

    (Facebook video link click below)

    Sourced from

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    Ok...that indoor range is pretty *****ing awesome!

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    North Africa...Where U.S.Marines/Nato are needed...



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    Naval Divers

    Recce Troopers

    The Reconnaissance Commander Course (RCC) is a physically and mentally challenging course that trains selected soldiers into Recce commanders. The first component in the course is the Fast March - The trainees have to cover a distance with full battle load within a given time frame.

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    Default Asian Defence Journal 2012

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Appears that Singapore Armed Forces are purchasing new MBT with the ability to ferry infantry troops and active protection system (trophy) for future urban warfare.

    50 Merkava tanks at the cost of 500 million vitamin M.

    Resource reports that Singapore will be the first foreign buyer of major Israeli tanks series Merkava. According to these reports, Singapore signed a contract for the purchase of 50 tanks Merkava Mk 4 new construction. According to the resource, the transaction amount reaches $ 500 million

    Earlier, at the beginning of June 2014, the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Ahronot", citing a source in the Israeli Defense Ministry announced the signing of export agency of the Ministry of Defence Shibata first export contract for the Merkava Mk 4 tanks, without naming the customer and saying only that it is a country, "related long-term relationships with Israel in the field of security. "Also does not provide any details, except that the amount of the contract is "several hundred million dollars."

    Merkava tanks series produced in the Israeli public a tank factory in Tel Hashomer in 1979, however, despite the considerable interest shown in him at different times by different potential foreign customers, never exported. This let low rates of production of tanks Merkava, their high cost, as well as export restrictions by both the U.S. (acting supplier significant portion of the tank units and systems and provide partial funding for the program of the issue), and most of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Now, for reasons mainly economic plan, Israel's Defense Ministry has issued export permits Merkava Mk 4.

    Singapore since 2007 acquired are considered 182 Leopard 2A4 tanks from the German Bundeswehr presence (part of them for use on parts and conversion into special machines), and is currently carrying out a program of modernization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Singapore-Hawk View Post
    Hi bros of the world, this thread shows the mighty weapons used by the Singapore Armed Forces, namely the Army (SAF), Air Force (RSAF) as well as the Navy (RSN). It is gather from all open sources and no secret photo (which i do not have at all) in this thread is published without the permission from the government of Singapore. If you do have any pictures which i did not post at all, you are always welcome to post in this thread. No particular order from the 3 services;

    In here, you can see the weapon as follow ( from Left to right ) ;
    SAR21 Assault Rifle , Ultimax 100 SAW, Milan Anti-tank missile, Matador ATM, Hecate Sniper rifle, GPMG, Light Strike Vehicle.

    None of the pics in the attachment can be viewed Why even pending approval? Use a image hosting site and don't forget to uncheck "Retrieve remote file and reference locally".

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