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Thread: Pictures of Singapore Armed Forces

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti_tanky View Post
    Time for another shot at those uploads. Some personal photos from my own NS days. I'll upload more later soon.
    Hmm, maybe you should upload them into Photobucket first.

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    Default Searcher Uav

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    Default The Black Knights :RSAF's Demonstration squadron


    The Black Knights debuted in 1974 during the Singapore Armed Forces Day celebrations, one year after the RSAF aerobatics team formed. Thirty thousand spectators witnessed this first Black Knights team fly aerial demonstrations with five Hawker Hunters. After a decade of public performances, the Hunter aerobatics team performed its last show in 1983.

    The team re-emerged briefly in the latter half of the 1980s in the F-5E Tiger IIs. Following the F-5E Tigers, the Black Knights reformed as a six-aircraft team in the re-engined A-4S Super Skyhawks. They performed in this configuration for the first time during the 1990 Asian Aerospace air show at Changi, and then again during the 1994 show. However, only a solo Super Skyhawk performed in the 1996 and 1998 air shows.

    Asian Aerospace 2000, one of the first major air shows of the new millennium, inspired plans for another six-aircraft RSAF aerobatics team. This time, the team would fly an all-F-16 display. When only two F-16s were available, four A-4SUs were added to bring the team to six. This decision made the RSAF the first air force to combine these two aircraft types into one aerobatics team.

    The maneuvers performed during AA2000

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    Default Picture of RSAF AS332M1 Super Puma and AS532 Couger Helicopter

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    Default RSAF new Eurocopter EC120 Helicopter

    Picture of the new RSAF EC120 Helicopter (right to left ), AH-64D Longbow Apache, CH47 Chinnok (x2), E-2C Hawkeye AWACS, F-5S TigerEye Recon and F-5S Tiger II (x3)

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    Default A tribute to our Singapore Aerospace A-4 / TA-4SU Super Skyhawk

    Attach is the pictures of Singapore Aerospace upgraded A-4SU and TA-4SU Super Skyhawk which has already retired from the combat services. It is now stationed in Cazaux Air Force Base in France for Singapore pilot's Advanced Jet Training. The unique design and modification of TA-4SU is the only combat jet in the world with 2 separate cockpits, specially design and modified for the Republic of Singapore Air Force in the late 70's. Enjoy's the pictures attached.

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    Default Northrop / Singapore Aerospace F-5S Tiger II

    Attched is the pictures of our Singapore Aerospace modified F-5S Tiger II multirole fighter in Exercise Pitch Black 2006 in Australia. Singapore F-5S is modified from the F-5E standard with a new multi-role radar, avionics, weapon system and a similiar to F-16 HUD. From Wikipedia, These upgraded F-5S/T are rumored to be capable of firing the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile but no actual live-firing has been reported. From google video, below is the link to the video where the air-crew is demostrating the arming of the F-5S with AIM-9 AAMs, AGM-65D Maverick missiles and cannon rounds, during the Paya Lebar Air base RSAF Open House.
    Enjoys the pictures and the videos

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    Default Our Pride of the Air Force, the Block 52/52+ F-16C/D Fighting Falcon

    Attched is the pictures of our Block 52/52+ F-16 C/D Fighting Falcon multirole fighter taken from the Exercise Pitch Black 2006 in Australia. F-16C is used for interception while the more advanced F-16D Block 52+ is used for strike mission in RSAF. Around 60+ F-16C/D is operating in RSAF.

    From Wikipedia reports,
    Current Air to air missiles in RSAF's inventory include the [*******#0000ff]AIM-9M Sidewinder[/COLOR], [*******#0000ff]AIM-9X[/COLOR] Sidewinder, AIM-120C [*******#0000ff]AMRAAM[/COLOR], [*******#0000ff]AIM-7M Sparrow[/COLOR], Derby* and Python 4 missiles. Air to ground weapons include, GBU-10/12/16 and other laser-guided munitions, AGM-65 Maverick missiles, Mk 82/83/84 bombs and other classified munitions for special missions.
    * speculated but unconfirmed

    Enjoy the pictures

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    Default ADA Units in Pitch Black 2004 and 2006 Exercises

    Attached is the pictures of the RSAF - Air Defence Operation Command (ADOC) which involved in the Pitch Black 2004 and 2006 exercises in Australia. Picture 1 to 4 shows the I-Hawk SAMs detachment with the Fire Section Acquistion radar and Super Giraffle Search Radar. Picture 5 to 7 is the Mistral SAMs and picture 8 is the Mistral acquistion radar, the P-Star Radar.

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    nice pics, hawk!

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    Excellent thread, I'll see can I did up some of the photos of the Irish and Singapore militaries together in Timor leste

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    Default Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by chillycraps View Post
    nice pics, hawk!
    Thanks...hope that everyone can contribute good pictures too...

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    Default You are very welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by muttbutt View Post
    Excellent thread, I'll see can I did up some of the photos of the Irish and Singapore militaries together in Timor leste
    Hey Muttbutt, you are welcome to contribute your part to make this a better thread. Thanks.

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    Default Fuel on the come Stratotanker

    Picture 2 to 4 shows the RSAF's KC-135 refuelling the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force ) F-111 and picture 5 is refuelling RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force) F-16A during the Pitch Black 2004 exercise. Pictures 6 and 7 is taken during Pitch Black 2006 exercise.

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    Default Singapore and Indian Armies Conduct Third Armour Exercise

    Armour units from the Singapore and Indian armies are participating in the third annual bilateral armour exercise, codenamed Bold Kurukshetra, from 1 Feb 07 to 29 Mar 07 in Central India.

    More than 600 soldiers from the the 46th Battalion Singapore Armoured Regiment, Headquarters 8th Singapore Armoured Brigade and Headquarters 4th Singapore Armoured Brigade are involved in the exercise. The exercise includes joint planning of brigade-level manoeuvre operations as well as familiarisation with equipment such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Thermal Imaging (TI) sights. The Bionix Launched Bridge, a locally developed piece of bridging equipment that enables military vehicles to overcome land gaps of up to 21 metres, is being deployed for the first time in this exercise.

    Exercise Bold Kurukshetra underscores the warm defence relationship between Singapore and India, and provides a valuable opportunity for the two armies to enhance mutual understanding and inter-operability. Apart from such exercises, the Indian and Singaporean armed forces also interact regularly through visits, cross-attendance of courses, seminars, and other professional exchanges.
    Attachments Pending Approval Attachments Pending Approval

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