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Thread: Thai Armed Force Photo Gallery- RTAF:RTN:RTA:RTP

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    I'm looking for the address of the Royal Thai Marine Corps base just outside Bangkok with the pistol range. It's popular with the local pistol crowd. You could pay for .22, .38 and 9mm over the counter and use of their guns was included.

    The gate was on a busy urban street with a major highway, but once inside it was very large and spacious. From there it was just 20 minutes to Suwarnaphum airport. I was there a few years ago but can't dig up the address now.

    Kob kun krap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aneep View Post
    i noticed a lot of Thai policemen have airborne wings
    is that standard practice, or Thai police just have a lot of free training slots?
    It's not just the police. A friend of a friend was in the Finance corps during military service as a university student- and he has student parachutist wings.

    He's now an officer of the court and continues to wear the wings on his uniform, which is Navy style. Seems you can't be a Thai officer without wings.

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    I'm very surprised the Army stood for the M41s in the capital being retired and the new T-84s not being based anywhere near it.

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    Multinational military exercise Cobra Gold 2013: lots of videos:

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    Exercise Cobra Gold[LEFT][*******#808080][FONT=lucida grande] 2013[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]

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    UPDATE CH-46 accident in Thailand

    On February 20, a CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (HMM) 262 (Reinforced), 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, crashed north of Phitsanulok, Kingdom of Thailand while conducting routine flight operations in support of the Thailand-US sponsored multilateral exercise Cobra Gold 2013.

    There were four U.S. Marine Corps personnel aboard the aircraft. There were no fatalities. The four personnel are being treated for injuries at local hospitals.

    The families of the injured Marines have been notified. Right now the Marine Corps is focused on doing all it can to support the injured Marines and their families. Safety is a priority for all aircraft operations. The CH-46 has an excellent operational safety record spanning 50 years. The CH-46 ranks among the very safest of all U.S. military aircraft.

    Multiple comprehensive investigations will take place to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident. Safety is our number one priority when operating our aircraft, to include both the safety of our aircrew and the communities where we train and operate.

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    Female Police Cadets

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