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Thread: Photos and News of Small Navy of the World!

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    Thanks, Carambol...

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    [SIZE=4][*******#0000ff][*******indigo]Libyan Navy to Order new ships from "Adria Mar"[/COLOR]

    [/COLOR][/SIZE]Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi is saving the Croatian shipbuilding industry - that could be concluded from the lucrative business deals the Croatian Adria Mar shipbuilding company stationed in Zagreb has allegedly struck with Libya.

    During the last year, Croatian shipyards became master ports for Lybian warships overhaul, but also a place were several patrol ships constructed by Adria Mar company have been manufacturing for the Libyan naval fleet and coast guard.

    Libya has decided to purchase six additional patrol ships and the next delivery will be characterized by improved ships with new code - OOB31.
    Besides that, Croatian company is close to finalizing talks on the construction of three large 60-meter offshore patrol boats of the OPV60 series, each worth USD 30 million.

    Libyans have accepted this project and it is beeing commissioned at the moment, waiting for the authorisation for finacing it from Lybian coast guard budget. Furthermore, Libya commissioned a 60-meter corvette MCP60, but the naval authorities have yet to approve the financing of the project. For the last few months Adria Mar's engineers are in charge of refitting three Libyan naval vessels in Kraljevica and Trogir – a job worth USD 50 million.

    Within the next three years, the Libyan naval authorities will order a complete reconstruction of five more gunboats in Croatian shipyards.


    [SIZE=4][*******olive]Namibian patrol boat “Brendan Simbwaye”[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    The Navy of Namibia received last month , in Fortaleza, the patrol ship, “Brendan Simbwaye”, of Brazilian technology - the first product of this type manufactured for the foreign market. The value of the contract, carried out by Inace shipyards is estimated at US$ 26.5 million. The Namibian Navy also has an additional order for at least three fast motorboats developed in Brazil, for surveillance purposes. The “Brendan” is of the same Grajaú class, NPa Grajaú (P-40) of 12 units, which equips part of the Brazilian patrol fleet. It has a full displacement of 217 tons is 46.5 meters long. Well armed, it carries a 40mm cannon and 20mm machine guns, max speed 26 Kns, electronically controlled and with a rapid firing system. The 31 crew members - 5 officials, 26 seamen - can stay on a mission for ten days, within a radius of 4.400 kilometers.

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    [SIZE=4][*******darkred]LATIN AMERICA[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3][*******green]PARAGUAY NAVY[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    P01 Cap. CABRAL

    P05 ITAIPU

    [SIZE=3][*******purple]PANAMA COAST GUARD[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    [SIZE=3][*******darkred]LATIN AMERICA[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [*******blue]CUBA NAVY[/COLOR]

    Cuba mini submarine

    [SIZE=3][*******magenta]COSTA RICA COAST GUARD[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [SIZE=3][*******#ff0000]Patrol boats Dominican republic navy[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    Iran navy fotos

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    Yemen coast guardhttp:

    060415-N-0448N-107dotjpg (1.2 MB)

    Royal Cambodian patrol craft

    Iran navy

    Bangladesh fregate BNS OSMAN






    EGYPT fregate

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    Quote Originally Posted by CARAMBOL View Post

    Thanks for these interesting pictures! Great thread!

    According to both wikipedia and their official website the Bangladesh navy doesn't have any submarines. An educated quess would be that these are Turkish submarines.


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    [SIZE=4][*******#0000ff]Iraq Receives First of 4 Italian Patrol Boats[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    ROME - Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri on May 15 handed over the first of four patrol vessels it is building for the Iraqi Navy under an 80 million euro ($108.7 million) contract signed in 2006. The vessel, called the Fateh, was built at Fincantieri's Riva Trigoso yard and delivered at a ceremony at the firm's La Spezia yard attended by Gen. Babaker Baderkhan Al Zibari, the Iraqi defense chief of staff. The other three vessels will be delivered in three-month intervals.

    Fincantieri said in a statement that the Fateh will immediately start patrol work in Iraq's 58-kilometer Exclusive Economic Zone, as well as carry out research and salvage work, ship inspections and firefighting. The four vessels together will form the core of the Iraqi Navy, the company added.

    The vessels, based on Diciotti-class vessels built for the Italian Coast Guard, have a crew of 38, measure 53 meters by 8 meters, and have a top speed of 23 knots. Propulsion has been supplied by Italian firm Isotta Franchini.

    The contract includes logistics support and crew training, which will be undertaken with the support of the Italian Navy.

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    [SIZE=4][*******#0000ff]First Trinidad and Tobago Patrol Craft Launched[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Austal has successfully launched the first of six 30 metre aluminium fast patrol craft being built for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard at its Western Australian shipyard.

    Ordered in April 2008, construction of the vessels is currently ahead of schedule, with delivery expected in early 2010.

    Each vessel has a maximum speed of 40 knots, a range of 1000 nautical miles and will be armed with General Purpose Machine Guns and a 20mm Cannon.

    Austal Business Development Manager – Defence, Jamie Robinson, said the speed at which the vessels were being constructed demonstrated Austal’s ability to deliver quality, multi-vessel orders in short periods.

    “Modern maritime security is increasingly typified by rapidly changing threats, so the speed at which suitable solutions can be delivered is an important consideration for many navies and coast guards,” Mr Robinson said.

    “These vessels add to Austal’s extensive track record in delivering small to medium size aluminium defence platforms on time and on budget, each designed to meet specific customer requirements,” he said.

    Once delivered, the vessels will support the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard in providing sustained surveillance in the country’s internal waters, the archipelagic territorial sea and its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

    Following delivery, Austal will provide a five year comprehensive maintenance and support services program, which will include scheduled planned and preventative maintenance support, unscheduled maintenance, management and performance of annual surveys and maintenance periods as well as shore-based engineering support.

    Also under construction at Austal’s Australian facilities are four 21.2 metre patrol craft for the Armed Forces of Malta, as well as three 22m catamaran police boats for the Queensland Police Service.

    Sea trials of the first 30 metre fast patrol craft for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard are scheduled for early next month.


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    Namibian marines

    Algerian navy

    Gabon navy

    Guinea navy

    New Kenyan KNS JASIRI

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    Default Turkish submarines

    Quote Originally Posted by Perman View Post
    Thanks for these interesting pictures! Great thread!

    According to both wikipedia and their official website the Bangladesh navy doesn't have any submarines. An educated quess would be that these are Turkish submarines.

    The flag is Turkish...might be a clue?

    Bangladesh has been negotiating to buy some of these and Bangladesh naval crews are in Turkey for submarine training - so, later this year or 2010, we might see a public announcement of an acquisition.

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