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Thread: Differences between TACP and CCT

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    Default Differences between TACP and CCT?

    Hey everyone,

    I was curious if anyone could help me understand the differences between Tactical Air Control Parties and Combat Control Teams in the USAF. From what I have seen, it seems they do a similar job. I was reading that the TACP is assigned to an U.S. Army Combat Maneuver unit, but couldn't a CCT be assigned to one as well, such as an ODA or Rangers?

    Perhaps is the TACP more for any Army unit and the CCT's for Special Operations Forces and Special Tactics Teams?

    Please if anyone could help clarify the differences, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I apologize if this is located in the wrong forum, but I wasn't sure where else a question would fit, so I chose General Discussion.


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    There are at lest three or four threads that explain the differences, but here's a VERY basic run down. TACP/JTAC specialize in coordinating CAS for ground forces, it's what they live an breath for. CCT personnel are essentially Pathfinders. Their primary mission is to establish airfields and coordinate aircraft movements in combat zones and forward areas. In a pinch, they can act as JTACs. If you want a full blown job description of each career field, go to, and read over the "fact sheets" on each field.

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    Thank you for the PM Haze and the info Dom. I thought that they both did mainly air strikes, didn't think CCT was a "Pathfinding" unit.

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