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Thread: Indian Defence and Strategic News Thread

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    [SIZE=4]Indo-US air force exercise comes to a successful end[/SIZE]

    Indo-US air force bilateral exercise, Cope India 2009, today came to a successful completion, with both the air forces working together, enhancing and understanding the employment philosophies of each other in joint venture operations.

    The exercise ended with both the exercise directiors Group Captain Mathew Mammen of the Indian Air Force and Colonel Raymond Le Marche of the USAF expressing satisfaction in the way the exercises was conducted.

    To amplify the importance of the exercise Air Vice Marshal M Bahadur, Assistant Chief of Air Staff Operations (Transport and Helicopter) of the IAF and Major General Darryll Wong of the USAF exchanged mementos to commemorate the successful completion of EX Cope India 2009.

    The IAF and the USAF learnt about each other's joint planning and execution of missions.

    The five-day joint exercise (from October 19 to 23) being held at Agra, which is one of the largest air base in Southeast Asia, was aimed at training personnel for joint planning and execution of missions in simulated hostile scenarios.

    The Indian contingent was represented by five AN-32s, one IL-76 and one Chetak helicopter in the exercise, while the US Air Force (USAF) utilized personnel from Pacific Air Force and the Special Operation Command.

    The Pacific Air Force comprises of three XC-130H from the 374th Airlift Wing, one XC-17 from the 15th Airlift Wing and one XC- 130 J from the 146th Airlift Wing.

    In addition to that the IAF also fielded its Rapid Action Medical Team and the Special Forces Garuds in the joint exercise.

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    [SIZE=4]Navy proposes to build an Airport in Karwar[/SIZE]

    Karwar: While Karwar already has a rail, road and port connection; another thing that will be added into this list is the airport. The Indian Navy has proposed to build an airport near Karwar which could be used for civilian and military purposes. The airport would enhance the commercial prospectus in and around Karwar, said Rajiv Jaiswal, Commodore, INS Kadamba, Karwar.

    While addressing the presspersons at the naval base on Friday, he asserted that the required land for the airport has been identified and the State Gavernment would have to get hold of more land for this purpose. He requested the local people and State Government to cooperate with this regard.

    Mr. Jaiswal notified that Karwar received 230 mm of unprecedented rainfall in just three hours on 2nd October, 2009. At this time, few had claimed that the walls built by the naval authorities led to flash flood around the naval base area. While clearing these claims, he averred that the wall in question had actually blocked the water and prevented loss of more lives and property. He further affirmed that the navy authorities would be more prepared to tackle such situation in future.

    The *******ial rains and floods that occurred in the beginning of the month this year caused the 700 metres of the wall built by the navy to collapse. Roads in the naval base had been washed away in the floods. Among all these losses, many of the navy personnel's houses were also inundated.

    Capt. Manohar Nambiar, Chief Public Relations Officer (Defence), Mumbai, denied allegation that illegal quarrying was being carried out in the navy land.

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    [SIZE=4]US would welcome `profesional' Indian Army in Iraq and Afghanistan[/SIZE]

    Babina (UP), Oct. 26 - ANI: A senior commander of the U.S. Army on Monday said that having a professional force like the Indian Army at its disposal, especially in highly aggressive war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, would always be welcome.

    The Indian Army is a professional force and the US Army will be comfortable with it anywhere, Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, Commander, Pacific Command, said in reply to a question on whetherthe US Army is ready to seek Indias help in Iraq and Afghanistan in a counter terror and insurgency operation.

    Lt. Gen. Mixon, who was addressing accompanying media on the sidelines of the first ever Indo-US joint mechanized forces exercise in Babina, Uttar Pradesh, further went on to say: We want to work together as militaries to establish peace in Asia-Pacific region. If any eventuality occurs in future, we are better prepared to work together.

    He also claimed that the exercise had so far been a wonderful and worthwhile experience, and had gone a long way in raising the level of understanding between the two armies.

    The counter insurgency/terror exercise with India has been absolutely fantastic and it has helped the US soldiers to understand India in a better way, Lt. Gen. Mixon said.

    From the Indian side, Lt. General A.S. Sekhon, Director General, Military Operations, said: This is a training exercise and it is not aimed at anybody. We are trying to know each others procedures. The is all about training with the US Army to enhance our understanding and capability.

    A significant aspect of the 17-day exercise that commenced on October 17 and concludes on October 29, is that for the first timethe US Army has deployed the Javelin Missile and Stryker armoured vehicles to act as force multipliers in a third country other than Iraq andAfghanistan.

    Another first is that of the Indian mechanized battalion participating along with Strykers Squadron in a joint exercise under overall command of an Indian Brigade headquarters.

    So far, the achievements of the joint exercise called Yudh Abhyas2009 are:

    - Both sides have achieved interoperability and capability to function alongside for operations under an UN mandate and - The US troops were exposed to rich culture and tradition of India.The Indian troops gained exposure to contemporary weapons systems used by US troops. The overall aim of the exercise is to conduct a joint Indo-UStraining exercise under the framework of an agreed joint training program for sharing useful experience in peacekeeping operations, humanitarian and disaster managements and relief operations.

    Two hundred and ninety five personnel are representing the US Army, while 700 personnel are representing the Indian Army.

    Yudh Abhyas is a regularly scheduled bilateral exercise hosted by the Indian Army.

    The exercise is designed to promote cooperation between the two militaries while sharing training, cultural exchanges, and building joint operating skills.

    This years Yudh Abhyas features 17 Stryker vehicles the largest deployment of the vehicles outside of Iraq and Afghanistan for the U.S. Pacific Rim forces.

    Along with the 17 Strykers, the U.S. will showcase the Javelin Anti-Tank Missile system, employed to defeat current and future threat armored combat vehicles.

    The YA 2009 constitutes the largest troop exchange since the YA partnership exercise commenced in 2004.

    Indian Army soldiers from the 31st Armored Division are working with U.S. soldiers from the 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry regiment, Strykehorse, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

    This years exercise includes a multi-echelon, full spectrum combined operation focusing on a United Nations peacekeeping operation scenario, while executing a maneuver live-fire exercise.

    During the exercise, participants will engage in a variety of missions, from joint planning and maneuver execution, a variety of artillery ranges, to cordon and search operations as well as search and rescue training.

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    hmmm should see how pakistanis feel abt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raavan View Post
    hmmm should see how pakistanis feel abt it.
    Its probably his personal opinion, I don't think Obama would invite us in.

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    [SIZE=4]Air-launched BrahMos to be test-fired in Dec 2010[/SIZE]

    New Delhi, Oct 25 (PTI) India and Russia are planning to test-fire the air-launched version of their jointly-developed BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from a Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft in December next year.

    Work on the air-launched version of the missile is in the final stages and BrahMos scientists are now waiting for the Su-30MKI aircraft from India to act as a platform for test launch of the missile, Defence Ministry sources told PTI here.

    The air-launched version, they said, will be lighter and smaller than the land-based version of the missile so that it can be fitted to the aircraft.

    One of the two speed boosters in the missile has been removed for the air version of the weapon system as after being launched from an aircraft moving at a speed of more than 1.5 mach, the missile will automatically gain its momentum and maintain its speed of 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ante_climax View Post
    Its probably his personal opinion, I don't think Obama would invite us in.
    We should not interfere in iraq and afghanistan even if they invite us or beg us. They are there only for there national interests...they dont care about us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingCommander View Post
    We should not interfere in iraq and afghanistan even if they invite us or beg us. They are there only for there national interests...they dont care about us.
    I agree with Iraq, Afghanistan is a totally different matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ante_climax View Post
    I agree with Iraq, Afghanistan is a totally different matter.
    Afghanistan prefers India thats why pak supported the taliban to rule over there. Only country that our soldiers should go into is pak.

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    [SIZE=4]Russia setting, US rising in Indian air force[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]New Delhi: Russia's eclipse and the US' rise in the Indian militarywill soon stand out in the air force's transport division. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Sources said the government is moving in to seal yet another government-to-government deal with the US for a military purchase. They are ordering ten C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]The deal is worth over $2 billion (Rs10,000 crore). When inducted, C-17 Globemaster would replace the Russian-made IL-76 as the biggest transport aircraft of India. C-17, a Boeing product, can carry almost 80,000 kg, against IL-76's 50,000 kg.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Sources said the C-17 deal was discussed and "almost finalised" at a recent meeting of the Defence Acquisition Council, under the defence minister, and the deal could be signed in a few months.
    [SIZE=2]Globemaster can be operated by just two pilots and another crew, whereas the much smaller IL-76 needs a crew of six. Comfort levels, too, are dramatic. The deal finalisation comes even as the air force readies to induce six C-130J Super Hercules transport planes, that can carry a payload of 20,000 kg, in 2011.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Presently, the IAF's fixed-wing fleet comprises 20 Russian made IL-76 and over a 100 AN-32s. The Globemaster and C-130J are set to significantly alter Russian dominance.
    Meanwhile, US firms are making an aggressive pitch to corner contracts for transport helicopters, dominated by Russians all these decades. Boeing today said it submitted two proposals to the IAF this week -- the AH-64D Apache and the CH-47F Chinook for attack and heavy-lift helicopter operations.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Air force is enthusiastic about the Chinooks.[/SIZE]

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    [SIZE="4"]Now, Navy joins the war on pirates[/SIZE]

    The Navy has decided that it is time India did something to curb piracy in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Navy has commissioned two warships to counter the Somali threat. More than a hundred Indians have been held hostage by Somali pirates in the last one year. Following this, the Indian Navy is slated to deploy two warships near Mauritius and the Seychelles. The mission is to join forces with neighbouring nations and eradicate piracy.

    Captain Manohar Nambiar, Chief PRO, Defence (Western Region) said, "We can confirm to you that the Indian Navy now has a presence in that region. We can not speak much about operations there but yes, our ships are into surveillance activities. This is apart from our ship already patrolling the Gulf of Aden."

    The INS Tabar, a warship sent last year to counter the pirates of Somalia, will be deployed. Joining the Tabar will be the INS Shardul, a fully armed amphibious ship which can carry more than 500 troops, and the ICGS Varuna, an offshore patrol vessel armed to the teeth. The Varuna can travel 4000 nautical miles at a stretch, enough to go around the world.

    TIMES NOW's Correspondent Jugal Purohit reports, "With the Somalian pirates opening up a new front and growing increasingly belligerent towards Indian interests, navy sources tell us, these warships will remain in the region for as long as is required. Not just that, the aim of these ships is to completely disrupt the newly formed theatre of the Somalian pirates with the active assistance of navies of Mauritius and Seychelles."

    The Navy is gearing for war against the pirates and not without reason. The government may have been slow in reacting to the Somalian threat, but with this strategic move, the Navy hopes to counter the piracy menace with an iron fist.

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    [SIZE="4"]Army is all set to induct 124 Arjun tanks[/SIZE]

    PUNE: After repeated trials and a huge budget overrun, a total of 124 Arjun Main Battle Tanks (MBT) are all set to be inducted into the armoury of the Indian Army by April next year, said Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) scientist and chief controller (R&D) Dr W Selvamurthy.

    He was speaking at the valedictory ceremony of the 13th Post Induction Training School (POINTS-13) programme held at the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) here on Monday.

    Outlining the contribution of the DRDO in shaping various aspects of the weaponry of the Indian armed forces, he said, “The Arjun MBT is a state-of-the-art battle tank designed and developed by the Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi in Tamil Nadu. Besides, the ordered tanks are in various stages of production at the moment and would be inducted in a phased manner.”

    Urging new scientists to undertake path breaking research in the defence sector, Dr Selvemurthy said, “You need to go for out-of-the-box thinking to scale new heights in defence research and innovation. As the vision of the DRDO is to empower India with superior technology in the field of strategic defence, which the nation has seen from time to time.”

    Delivering the valedictory address, chief guest and director, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Professor Samir K Brahmachari said that defence scientists should develop technologies that can be used for civilian purpose.

    He further said, “Scientists in India are categorised as strategic scientists and those for civilian applications. Hence, how to utilise strategic technology for civilian purpose would be a challenge for the budding DRDO scientists.” He said that DRDO has risen on several occasions by providing vital expertise in the field of ballistic missiles and propellant technology, which speaks volumes about the contribution it made in the cause of nation building.

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    Cool that India is looking elsewhere. But wasnt it the US who placed equipment sanctions against India? Also, why have such a diverse airforce on the same field of transport, when the production just to upkeep will be massivly expensive?

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    [SIZE=4]New Indian Defence Procurement Procedure To Supposedly "Revolutionize" Weapons Buying[/SIZE]

    MoD Statement: In a move that has the potential to revolutionize the Indian Defence Industry, the Ministry of Defence is adding a new provision in its procurement procedure which will allow issue of Request For Proposal (RFP) to Indian industries having requisite financial and technical capabilities to absorb technology and undertake indigenous manufacture under a new category ‘Buy and Make (Indian)’. Under the current procedure in ‘Buy and Make’ cases RFP is issued only to foreign vendors, who are required to transfer technology to Indian Defence Industry, called Production Agency. This does not promote setting up of Joint Ventures or Co-production arrangements in India by big foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

    The new procedure, to be effective from November 01, 2009 will be akin to the existing ‘Make Procedure’ with a vital difference that the production and development by Indian industry will be through transfer of technology and not through Research and Development. Announcing this at a National Seminar on Defence Acquisition, organized by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, here today, Defence Minister AK Antony said the move is primarily aimed at encouraging pro-active participation by the Indian industry who could establish JV/Production arrangements with any foreign manufacturer. The needs of the Services will be shared with capable Indian firms who in turn would submit a roadmap for development and production of a particular item over its life-cycle.

    Antony said the twin objectives of DPP-2009 aim at promoting and facilitating wide participation of Defence Industry, while enabling transparency and integrity in all acquisitions.

    The Defence Minister said to ensure transparency and enhanced awareness in the Indian industry, the Government will prepare a public version of the fifteen years Long Term Acquisition Plan of the Armed Forces. This will be placed on the MoD website and shared with industry associations to create requisite awareness amongst them.

    “This would help Indian Industry to work out the technological requirements and build in-house capabilities in order to meet the future defence requirements. I am sure that the industry will respond positively to this proposal”, he said.

    Another important feature of DPP-2009 would be mandatory issue of Request for Information (RFI) on the MoD website in all acquisition cases. To enable participation of industry in Defence Acquisition Planning, the Ministry will henceforth invite their representatives for consultations and presentations in high-level procurement meetings before a decision is taken on the source and methodology for procurement of Defence weapons and equipment.

    Further, to enhance probity in Defence procurement deals, DPP-2009 proposes to enhance the role of Independent Monitors, to scrutinize complaints with regard to violations of Integrity Pact which prohibits corruption in Defence deals.

    In order to facilitate discharge of Offset obligations, an enabling clause has also been incorporated to permit change of offset partners in exceptional cases. The Offset provisions for the option clause has been amplified to state that the Offsets will not be applicable in cases where the same was not included in the original contract. Shri Antony expressed the hope that these changes will bring in greater degree of probity in the procedure and also encourage domestic defence industry to develop.

    Shri Antony asked Defence personnel to ensure that the Qualitative Requirements (QRs) formulation is done in a manner that fulfils the end user’s basic requirements while at the same time it should encourage the widest possible competition. “It is only through competition that we can ensure the maximum value for our money. It is important to have broad-based and realistic QRs that would lead to multivendor competition”, he said. Noting that the occasional changes in QRs by the Services also led to delays in Defence Acquisitions, Shri Antony said that acquisitions once approved by the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), changes to RFP and QRs should be avoided and exercised only exceptionally.

    Referring to the technical and commercial aspects of evaluation, Shri Antony said we need to ensure these vital stages are completed not only in a fair, objective and transparent manner, but within the stipulated time frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sepheronx View Post
    Cool that India is looking elsewhere. But wasnt it the US who placed equipment sanctions against India? Also, why have such a diverse airforce on the same field of transport, when the production just to upkeep will be massivly expensive?
    In many things there are simply no Russian equipment that meets the same criteria. For example the C-17 carries a lot more than the IL-76 offers easier operation and requires a smaller crew. The C 130 and P 8 I also has no Russian equals. India is upgrading its AN-32s mainly because there is no suitable replacements. But like it says we are not forgetting Russia, the Indo-Russian MTA will be the backbone of IAF transport fleet in the future.

    The IAF needs to maintain a qualitative edge over China and Pakistan and I don't believe it can do that just by inducting indigenous and Russian equipments.

    Sanctions may well be a thing of the past, India is closer to the West now and the United States also has more use with India than it had in 1998.

    Good to see people discussing on news items.

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