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Thread: Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces - Official thread

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    IRIAF Mirage-F1s:

    Variety of IRIAF aircraft, including ex-IQAF Su-22M4 rumored to be in the process of being put back into service:

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    Iran supports Iraq against terrorists

    September 15, 2014 (Persian calendar 1393/6/24)

    Tuz Khormato (توز خورماتو)

    Amerli (آمرلي)

    BBC Persian reporter Nafise Kouhnavard نفيسه كوهنورد reports from Yenge Je ينگه جه a village 5 Km far from Tuz Khormato توز خورماتو and Amerli آمرلي in Iraq.

    Shiia fighters from the Saraya Khorasani سرايا خراساني group (means Khorasani battalion گردانهاي خراساني) tell her IRGC Major General Qasem Soleimani سرلشگر سپاه قاسم سليماني was here before the liberation of Amerli.
    They say Iran supports Iraq government and Shiia / Kurd militias against ISIS terrorists.
    The commander says if Iran didn't support us, we all have been killed by terrorists.

    In this video you can see following weaponry:

    - Sayyad 2 صياد دو sniper rifle (Caliber: 0.50" / 12.7mm)
    - Iran made ammo
    - Sub machine guns made in Iran

    [ - Persian]

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    Quote Originally Posted by persian_boy View Post
    Shaher شاهر sniper rifle (14.5 mm)
    I think you mean Sayyad not Shaher.

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    Basij from Iran's tribes in recent exercises:

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