Rosoboronexport Presents Special Equipment, Weapons at 2nd China Police’2004 International Exhibition

(Source: Rosoboronexport; issued June 22, 2004)

In June 23-26, 2004 the 2nd China Police’2004 International Exhibition on Police Technologies & Equipment will be held in Beijing (the People’s Republic of China). The exhibition is organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Security of China to exchange experience and establish business contacts with the world leading manufacturers of equipment and materiel for police and forces of public security.

At China Police’2004 Russia is represented by Rosoboronexport State Corporation exposition, where specialists can get exhaustive information on weapons applied by special forces of the Federal Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in operations to get hostages free and anti-terrorists tactics.

Experts’ attention will be drawn to VSK-94 and VSS sniper rifles, designed to engage hostile personnel in flak jackets or inside vehicles while carrying out special operations without any noise and muzzle flashes. They will also be interested in SR-1 self-loading pistol, SR-2 submachine-gun, SR-3 compact assault rifle, PSS noiseless and flameless pistol, Bizon-2 and Bizon-2-01 sub-machine guns, underwater weapons and many other samples.

Rosoboronexport’s specialists will demonstrate numerous night vision devices, which provide special operations units with good images under unfriendly light conditions. These devices feature light weight and small sizes and ensure optimal vision capacity at distances of up to 700 m in poor lightness and up to 250 m in full darkness with powerful built-in infra-red illumination. This equipment can operate in adverse weather conditions and is provided with automatic brightness adjustment and sudden light flashes protection. It can be used for military, paramilitary and civil purposes: search and rescue operations, night surveillance, patrolling, night hunting, photography and video filming.

Attendees of the Russian exposition can get acquainted with systems of individual defense, in particular, with unique armored vests manufactured by FORT Technology Inc. Due to the vests’ modular design, a user himself can change protection level in accordance with operational purpose.

Protection systems of vital objects will be undoubtedly of some interest to experts, among them one of a few really operating biometric access control system called Senesys, as well as Orwell 2K intellectual video surveillance system with computer vision, ensuring strengthen safety of guarded objects.

Crypton series software tools of cryptographic data security, exhibited at the stand, protect confidential (business, bank, insurance, tax and private) information. Encrypted data can be stored at any medium, including PC disks, transmitted via Internet or other unclassified communication links with no fear of unauthorized access.

Rosoboronexport is also planning to take the opportunity offered by the exhibition to display other exportable civil purpose high-tech equipment manufactured by the Russian defense industries.

The Rosoboronexport exposition includes more than 200 innovation projects and developments in such spheres as ecology, energy, machinery and machine-tool construction, shipbuilding, medicine, chemistry and development of new materials. The presented high-tech projects are oriented to meet vital economic requirements of China and other countries of the region.

For example, Russian water-purification equipment such as evaporation installations, filters based on track membranes, small-size decontamination filters, individual water purifiers could dissolve the problem of purified fresh water shortage.

Creation and application of new materials is in the spotlight of the Rosoboronexport exposition. New materials of modern chemistry based on basalt and nano-structured powders can be used in production of high-precision, high-strength, heat-resistant and long-lived equipment.

The Rosoboronexport State Corporation is confident, that participation in the international exhibition will contribute to promotion of high-tech civil purpose production made by the Russian defense industries both in the Chinese market and markets of South-East Asia countries.

By participation in China Police’2004 Rosoboronexport hopes to attract new partners and considerably extend cooperation geography in the sphere of security support and struggle against international terrorism.