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Thread: 1947 Vampire Crashes

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    The pilot is thankfully okay, but looking at the video from the link below, the nose of the plane suffered some pretty hefty damage and the landing gear are obviously shot.

    Pilot Identified in Small Jet Crash
    06/06/2009 05:39 PM
    By: R News Staff

    The Monroe County Sheriff's Department has identified the pilot in a single engine plane crash that happened just before 3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
    Officials say Peter Treichler, 40, of East Aurora was operating a small 1947 passenger jet, also known as a vampire, that took off from the Rochester International Airport. It was headed to Batavia.
    "It had engine failure 5 minutes into the flight. It tried to turn back, came about 100 feet short of the runway, touched down first. The force of hitting the ground forced it to lose total control of the plane and it did end up crashing about 250 yards farther adjacent to our main runway, said David Damelio, airport director. The FAA will work with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department and an eyewitness to investigate the crash. Officials say Treichler was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital where he is in good condition and undergoing evaluation.
    The classic aircraft is the oldest flying jet in the world and was restored and previously owned by actor John Travolta.
    Sheriff deputies say the plane is now owned by Wings of Flight aircraft club in Batavia. Treichler is a member of that club, but is also a flight instructor with the Classic Jet Aircraft Association based in Maryland.


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    I saw this happen. The pilot is very lucky to be alive.

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