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Thread: Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers - News and Discussion

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    The interior decor for the Officers wardroom... Classified ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigmatically View Post
    For the record I would not answer anything unless I am sure it is unclassified and freely available. Sometimes I will say that, more often I would just ignore the question. That also applies where I see people making assertions which I know are rubbish, but where the real data is classified so it is safest to not comment at all. So I can promise you, some of the things that are asserted strongly and accepted on here as the truth, are in fact wrong. An example I can give of that because it has since become open source and thus now known on here: some time ago it was the accepted wisdom that all armour protection had been removed from the ship. Now you all know that is not true

    Edited to remove the word "not" which would have be falsely claiming to break the OSA regularly

    I'm sure you wouldn't reveal anything you shouldnt. I just find his style of posting... Odd.

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    Bazza123 Its not odd to ask questions, there is a lot of contention on what is needed on capital ships and what risks they face on other sites dealing with naval vessels of other countries these risks and tasks are often applicable to the Q.E.C .
    That the the risks and tasks faced by this carrier are not more often discussed is odd, you would hope that sending people in harms way that the best available equipment has been supplied and not on a fitted for but not with scenario .
    I believe that any question that promotes discussion and a bit of learning is worthwhile ,and makes this site intersting for members

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaspear View Post
    Bazza123 Its not odd to ask questions
    To be fair you only did seem to ask questions often jumping around subject matters at random with no other input to any discussion. It did seem quite odd.

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    Worth noting for the questions... Some people just don't get it. Why do people compare this ship to a cruise ship in terms of maneuverability. Unbelievable!!!

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    I think my favourite "question" is

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike B
    Even longer ago, -and pre internet, e-mail, sat navs, etc I recall taking a VERY senior military officer (with whom I was at school longer ago than either of us wished to recall) into Manchester and to a taxi office where a young lady -with a telephone alone was responsible for the allocation of taxi's throughout the city. We both agreed that she was probably better at allocating her assets with maximum efficiency and minimum cost/waste than any commander in a battle.
    When will they ever learn?
    Well Mike. My children are probably better at playing snap (without any computer support) than you are at quantum mechanics.
    When will you learn?

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