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Thread: Chinese MP5 (Norinco NR08)

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    Default Chinese MP5 (Norinco NR08)

    Chinese MP5 (Norinco NR08)!!!

    Norinco NR08, available in the Philippines gun market.
    Norinco NR08, tri-burst mag dump
    Norinco NR08, slow burst
    Norinco NR08, some jams
    Chinese Swat using a MP5 at 00:20 and 00:42 (suspected to be a NR08)
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    Is this H&K licensed production or another shameless knock-off?

    Just read this:
    No, they are NOT made under license from HK. NORINCO does NOT appear on the list of approved HK licensees. These NP08s are REVERSE-ENGINEERED copies of the MP5A4. Reverse-engineered, meaning they got a real german MP5, made measurements, try to approximate the quality of the material use, and made 'em.
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