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Thread: Russian Armed Forces News & Discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by void View Post
    In what class? I dont think its possible to get a 30t BMP thats amphibious without it being a barn (eg: the AAV). The Puma, for example, is not amphibious.
    Because the Puma weighs as much as a T-72. The AMV and the SuperAV are both amphibious capable, as are the Bionix and K21. And they all weigh around the same as the Russian vehicles will weigh. We all know the Russian military will not accept these types of vehicles without amphibious capability, so we all know they will be amphibious. The problem with the old BMPs and their loss of amphibious capability when uparmored was that the armor was added on, so it produced extra weight hanging onto the vehicle, without producing buoyancy itself. The new vehicles will have a larger interior volume than the old vehicles, and a higher buoyancy, and the a base weight probably less than 25t, and 25t would be with add-on armor that would not be used when amphibious raids are the mission. They aren't stupid in Russia, if they plan to make them amphibious, they will do it, and us simply knowing what weight they are aiming at for the platform to be able to support doesn't mean we can judge about the viability of that undertaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muttbutt View Post
    Sorry if this has been covered already chaps, but anyone have a list of the new kit that is supposed to be in next years victory parade?
    I'm translating this from cached Russian article on google, so bear with me.

    May 9th Victory Day Parade on Red Square of the Russian capital, will be the largest to date. Taking part will be 194 armored vehicles, 150 aircraft and helicopters and 14,000 servicemen.

    In comparison, the 2014 Victory Parade had only 11,000 servicemen, 151 vehicles an 69 aircraft.

    According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground forces Oleg Salyukov, Coastal defense systems "Bal" and "Bastion" will make their parade debut.
    Moreover, the organizers promise to show off self-propelled artillery system Koalition-SV and new variants of the MRAP vehicle family "Typhoon".
    Salyukov added, that the parade formation on the Red Square, should also include prototypes of future armored equipment. So, also the tank "Armata", BMP vehicles "Kurganets-25" as well as BTR "Bumerang".

    The rest is about the familiar stuff like Tigr, BTR-82A and T-90 tanks, AA systems, the list of participating aircraft and also a mention of the historical part of the parade including servicemen in historical uniforms of Soviet ground forces, Marines and even Cossacks. with WWII equipment and banners, T-34 tanks and SU-100 tank destroyers.

    My personal addition, they will probably also show soldiers in Ratnik gear, as they showed guys in full combat gear on last parade as well.

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    Bulava missile to be launched from Alexander Nevsky submarine in late November:

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