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Thread: Philippines Eyes Maestrale and Soldati Class

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    Default Philippines Eyes Maestrale and Soldati Class

    Acquisition of jet fighters, anti-submarine ship, destroyer, UAVs in the works–DND

    Tuesday, 07 February 2012 19:27 Zaff Solmerin / Correspondent

    DEFENSE Secretary Voltaire Gazmin on Tuesday said that government-to-government contracts for the acquisition of jet fighters, an anti-submarine ship, a destroyer and unmanned aerial vehicles are in the works following the signing of a five-year agreement last week with the Italian Defense Ministry.
    Targeted for acquisition include the Maestrale and Soldati class deep patrol water vessels and the Piaggio 180 that can be used as a light lift aircraft and for long-range patrols.

    The government also eyes the procurement of the medium lift tactical aircraft C-27J, the Italian Navy Coast Watch and Air Defense 3d Radar Systems, AMX ground attack aircraft, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle “Falco” and armored personnel carriers.

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    The DND has set a deadline of July 31,2012 to finalize all the procurement deal ...

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    Good news for Italy...even some people I know who served on some of those ships will be sad about it...

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