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Thread: 101st Airborne's 'Strike' Brigade 1st Army Unit Issued M26 Shotgun

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    Default 101st Airborne's 'Strike' Brigade 1st Army Unit Issued M26 Shotgun

    It weighs 3.5 pounds, has a barrel length of 7.75 inches, fires 12-gauge shells and can be mounted on the M4 carbine or act as a standalone firearm. The M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System is the latest combat enhancer in Strike's arsenal.
    The 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, is the first unit in the Army selected to be issued this new weapons system

    "This is a new capability that is now in your hands for you to conduct your mission downrange," said Col. Scott C. Armstrong, with Project Manager Soldier Weapons, or PMSW, during a presentation ceremony held at Fort Campbell's Strike Academy, Feb. 7.
    "This is a big day, not just for the 2nd Brigade, but for the Army," he said.
    Picatinny Arsenal-based PMSW is a group that supports Soldiers through the development, production, fielding and sustainment of current and future weapons systems. PMSW fielded the M26 MASS to the 2nd BCT, also known as the Strike Brigade due to the unit's profile and future deployment schedule.
    "We're glad to be the first unit to put this weapon to work and there is an appreciation for all that goes into this," said Col. Dan Walrath, the Strike commander, while holding the new Strike Shotgun.
    After the "hand-over" ceremony, the weapons were issued to Strike's engineer company, Company A, 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion and Strike's military police with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd BSTB. For three days, under the guidance of PMSW, the Strike Soldiers learned how to assemble, maintain, repair and effectively fire their new weapons.

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    Such a cool piece. I wonder if they'll ever come to the civie market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha_Mustang View Post
    Such a cool piece. I wonder if they'll ever come to the civie market.
    It would be sweet, but what is the barrel length? Wouldn't be illegal if it is under 16"

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    It'd be a SBS ($200 tax stamp) if it was ever mounted on a rifle. If it was never mounted on rifle it would be an AOW($5 tax stamp). Either way it would be an NFA registered item.

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    We're one step closer to making the Morita Rifle...

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