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Thread: WWII late 1944 interesting reading battle of the bulge and hurtgen forest

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    Default WWII late 1944 interesting reading battle of the bulge and hurtgen forest

    i have a "thing" about the battle of the bulge (watcht am rhine)

    whilst doing an online search i came across this: (best to download)

    very interesting reading if you look into peipers thoughts he could be seen as ahead of his time (combined ops, combat teams...uses of fire support etc) (in retrospect)

    also the fact he mentions that range finders should be linked into the tank gun sighting system is pretty eye opening!!

    (dont anyone start flaming about peiper on this thread...this is a thread about a historical document and what is in it)

    also, i started looking into hurtgen forest campaign and came across this:

    quite an interesting take on that campaign as well.

    the combined arms research library has loads of these types of docs...well worth a look if you havent been there. (use the first link to get to site)

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    I read the Huertgen forest account, rather interesting to observe that trainwreck unfolding.

    Especially interesting was the juxtaposition of Cota the D-Day hero to Cota the scapegoat for a series of US high command errors in that campaign. Very unfortunate for the soldiers involved who were tossed into the fray.

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